Street fighter 4 Movies
  • hey guys i watched two movie clips on named anime 1 and anime 2 (for reference), the first a movie of a really killer battle between Akuma and Ryu, the second a street fighter 4 story (a follow-up of street fighter 2) in chun-li's perspective.
    My question is, are these videos available as bonuses in the game.
    was kinda dissappointed since none of the action in these clips were in the movie. So i was wondering is the English version probably different from the Japanese version, or were there scenes that were deleted from the English version, or possibly is there another movie being released, or a second film or part/segment to this one.
    Really Appreciate your feedback, thanks :)
  • I remember those, they are both from the Street Fighter anime series in Japan. They aren't unlockables in the game, I believe.
  • do u know any website where i can watch or download(or stream if its allowed) these episodes, would really want 2 follow-up on the story.
    BTW there's this vid on utube where ryu power's up the satsui no hado and both he and akuma launch it at each other, his fail i think, but still managed 2 cancel akuma's, but its art style, the way its drawn is kinda old, so i think it might be an older japanese series.
    so my point is street fighter (20 yrs old) has been around for a long while and so hav some movies and series, i just don't know where 2 find any
  • Just about every site that does this sort of thing is doing so without permission of the actual copyright holders- for that reason links to those sites would not be allowed. You should be able to find the DVDs for sale on eBay or sites carrying anime, however.
  • Thanks man, i didn't know that though, thanks for telling me, i mean i would've guess that some, but not almost all. :)