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  • Hello everyone id just like to introduce myself,im emma and own a psp ps3,ps2 and a ps1,as you will gether from that im very into my gaming,at the moment just getting my head round call of duty 4 on the ps3 :o which im finding to be fun :p,im also looking into the new ps3 street fighter game,loved that when i was younger and was wondering does anyone already have it and is it as good as it was all those years ago?Anyway not really sure what to say now so i look forward to making friends on here and learning lots more.
    oh and before i go may i ask what ps3 games are best for us girls for online networking i.e playing against others online?Thankyou in advance for any help ;) emma x
  • Welcome Emma!

    How are you liking that Call of Duty 4?
    I'm sure Melinda will be along shortly to give you some girly gamer advice!
    Hope you enjoy your time here! ;)
  • Oh this is a proud proud day. Another girl gamer has come by.:) Happy day!!

    Welcome Emma, I'm Melinda...another girl gamer. Unfortunately I don't have a PS3 though (money's a little tight right now) so I can't offer you much of an opinion in the ways of whether or not it's any good. The only experience I have with Street Fighter is the arcade version from the 90' there's not much I can say as far as that's concerned.

    I hope you enjoy your time here. Look forward to hearing from ya!:D
  • Welcome emma this is a good place to join i know they helped me out when i first got a ps3 plus everybody posts the most current info. here at least i do.Anyways good to see new people have fun exploring the forums:)
  • Emma,

    Welcome to AP, and hopefully you will enjoy the site like I have when I was a regular many years ago.