hi im new and have some questions...
  • hi i just joined to see if i can get some help with the cheats for sims 2 on ps2. i've tried 10 different times to get the gnome or cheat trophy but i have no idea if its worked or it even went through. can someone help me please?:( :(
  • Hi there Keytra! Welcome to Absolute Playstation. I can try to help you out.

    First off, here is the code for the Cheat Gnome/Plum bob Trophy:
    Press L1, R1, Up, X, R2 during game play.

    The way you can tell whether or not it worked/went through is because The Cheat Gnome (Plumb Bob Trophy) will now appear on the lots. It looks like this:

    And last thing you may need to know. The trophy has to appear before you can enter in any other codes and expect them to work. For example if you entered a code of max all motives before you enter the gnome trophy cheat, it won't work because it is through approaching the trophy that activates the cheat.

    Anyway, I hope this helped you out and if you still have any questions let me know and I'll see what I can do!:)
  • can you do it in 2 player or only in 1 player???
  • nvm, figured it out finally thanks for letting me see what it looks like. it helped a lot!!
  • Welcome to AP, and hopefully you will enjoy the site like I have when I was a regular many years ago.