• Well I'm sick of looking for the so talked secret missions in Devil May Cry I only know the Bangle of Time mission and I can't find the others. Can someone help me? ???
  • Secret Mission 1: Critical Hit
  • I cleared all the secret missions today except the 1st one cuz I can't beat that Sin with one hit. Can you help me?
  • I can try...:)

    I think the trick is to deflect his scissors w/u'r blade then quickly blast him w/a shot from u'r shotgun...

    basically when his scissors are pointed at u swing w/u'r sword.
    he'll spread his arms out wide...vulnerable! :D use u'r shotgun then to shoot him in his weak spot...that mask over his face.

  • This may be crazy but I hit the Sin two times with sword and then the sin went down the ground and then I hit her scissors and blast her face 2 times when the sin dropped the red orbs a piece of a blue orb appeard.. strange isn't it??
  • I'm pretty sure the blue orb (or orb piece) is the "prize" for clearing that particular mission...thinking that u'r first 2 swings were deflected by the sin.
  • bravo Mychele your like an encyclopedia in human form.Well at least massaki got help I had to find them myself.Then I got smart and brought the guide and I beat all them a whole lot easier.


    "be still thy beating heart" :2devilish:
  • Good Lord, talk about completely missing something! I realize Artaria that this response to your last post is [B]WAAAAY[B] late, but I just saw it! You may slap me silly later at your convenience :P

    "...an encyclopedia in human form..." Hrmm...I rather like that B)

    Take care of u'rself and I hope u'r summer has been great thus far!
  • I've only got one of the missions done, it's the one where you have to kill the spiders in a certain amount of time I can't find any others well thats all folks bye!!!