I think this site is dieing.........
  • It saddens me to see this place so desalt and empty........:( . While prowling around the site I have seen posts unanwsered it just saddens me..... hopefuly when school gets out this site will live agian.....
  • yh, there is exams goin on for me, so i come on less often, hopefully after exams i will ne rolling agen with APi
  • it has been quite of late,i haven't seen the usual suspects on here for a while.
    lets just hope its a temporary thing :D
  • I'm certainly hoping things pick up as well. It's been very dead here other than the ones coming in looking for help (and cleaning up after the occasional spambot).
  • I havent been on in a while cuz I have had some serious family problems. Finally, I have figured everything out so hopefully I will be able to come on more often
  • I leaved for a while but I remembered about AP and came back, thinking it would have a load of posts...

    Sadly no.
  • wow i havent seen this many postes the first time i come on! Yay!

    P.S. Come on more often and good luck prince.
  • thnks general , i mostly come on this site for the Playstation News
  • Im in the last semester of my senior year in college. I have been so incredibly busy with work and school projects/exams its rediculous. I'll try to make it by the boards more when I get some spare time.
  • In my opinon a random spam thread always helps sites stay afloat as most people will post somethign there when they come buy, however since this is a formum that has people payed to work on it, i see why there is no spam thread.
  • I think Mike, Melinda and co. will be quick to let you know there's no pay going out here- this is all done voluntarily.
  • o very nice, i thought since it said trained proffesionals or something under ur banner it was pay regulated. Is this organized at all with sony or playstation or just fan made?
  • Fan made- we have no ties to Sony in any official capacity. Jim B started this place up way back in spring 1995, just months before the first PlayStation came out. Had been coming here as a member during that time and was asked to join the staff back in 2001.

    As for "trained professionals" I'm not entirely sure where you saw that- when it comes to finding help for games I have a number of resources stored via bookmarks and memory for finding game info. ;)
  • im not sure where i saw proffesionals or something like taht either, it was either on like the main link page, or from a link to here from another site. I will say i have more respect for the site now, knowing it is all fan based :D