help~!!!!! Unable to load FIFA Football 09 Manager Mode
  • Please Help, I try to start play the manager mode but i never able to load in to the mode and the game is forzen. i have updated the ps3 to 2.70 version already. please tell me what is happening.

    when i started the manager mode, i choose the team, change names and setting up all other details, create save then it got forzen in the football view screen.

    Please is there anyone can tell me what to do.
    many thx
  • Does this happen with any other games...?

    Firstly, try giving the disc a quick wipe. Make sure it's clean and nothings stopping it from playing properly.

    If that doesn't work, create a new save and see if the mode will work on the new save.

    If possible, try the disc on a mate's PS3 and see if it does the same thing.

    The last resort would be to return the disc to wherever you brought it from. Chances are it may be a faulty disc.