ps2 overseas problem
  • one of the mebers on FLOW natione posted this problem in the advice column do you guy's/girls know whats going on? he lives in Jakarta (no clue whare it is) so i dont think its a PAL consele can you tell me whats wrong so i can tell him?:confused:

    (my username is the same thar)

    i have a little same kind like Okamia, My ps2 is fat kind. The problem is, when i play some games, the games stop in the middle, sometimes i can't turn on my ps2 at all, and sometimes, even if the ps2 is running, the pixxel is broke and the screen is like doesn't show anythin, but the sound is still can be heard.
  • Jakarta is in Indonesia, actually (time to brush up those Google skills, okamia :p )

    Unfortunately, it is looking like the laser in the PS2 may be dying. He may want to try the games in another PS2 that is definitely working to make sure.
  • ok i'll tell him that.