• With all the trivia going on, I thought I'd try throwing in a History trivia thread as well. As with previous trivia questions, the first member to give a correct answer gets to post a new question.

    The rules are simple:

    1. Be the first to answer correctly and you "win".

    2. When posting a question, be sure you know the facts and that the events/places/subject matter are real. You may also post a link to a photo and ask a sort-of "What/where am I?" type question as well.

    Let's start with a fairly easy one to begin with, shall we?

    At 803 feet in length and 135 feet in diameter,
    the LZ-129 made its last flight on May 6.

    What was the name of the LZ-129?
    What was the year?

    Good luck!!
  • I can't belive that 3 people saw this & didn't answer.

    It's the Hindenburg disaster at the Naval Air Station, Lakehurst
    in '37 Lucifer is talking about.
  • The "Spruce Goose", 1947 :D

  • I have to agree with Knowze.

    One of the lesser known facts about this disaster was that 62 of 97 people (61 crewmen, 36 passengers) survived it. Considering what the force of the explosion (we all know what happens when hydrogen is ignited) must have been like - i'd consider myself well lucky if i managed to walk away from somehting like that
  • [quote]The "Spruce Goose", 1947 :D

  • It is December 1914 and the area is Northern France and
  • Isn't that when the first "Night bombing" raids took place? I beleive that there was also a universal cease-fire for Christmas Day in 1914 in which troops were allowed to gather the bodies of their fallen commarades
  • Lucifer,
    You correct, it's the christmas truce, but you failed to answer
    the second question, which I added to eliminate the december 21st
    night air raid against German artillery.
    But since you mentiond the football match between the Scots
    and the Germans (Score 3-2 to zee Germans),
  • Thanks Knowze.

    Ok, and we are off again. Time to dust off your history books and find an answer to this:

    Physicians in the 14th Century did not know the cause of the plague, but they did know it was contagious. To protect themselves, they wore a biohazard suit which had a large beaked head piece. The beak of the head piece, (which made them look like large birds), was filled with:

    What were the "beaks" filled with?
  • Wood, charcoal, and rubber :D

    J/K, I really don't know, but I suppose it would be poseys and something else........
  • Just a guess.
  • Well the only thing the beaks would have protected them from is the smell of death. The beaks were filled with various strong smelling compounds eg. vinegar and aromatic oils in an attempt to counteract the stench of the dead and dying victims (and the general squalor a lot of the unfortunate sufferers would have
  • vinegar and aromatic oils[/b]


    Way to go Gideon!
  • Oooops, nearly forgot about this one (cheers for the nudge Luc
  • That third person was none other than Sir Blackadder himself....
    ....No, wait a minute, he wasn't even supposed to be there.
    I guess you must be refering to Marshal Bl
  • Wow - deja vu
  • -It seems there is a large orange head flowing towards us.-
    -No, that's the celts-

    - Percy & Blackadder in England at the time of the Romans

    (Was it Celts or was it Saxons or what? I can't remember the exact quote.)
  • Okay, I do believe that I left this one up for grabs so I shall
    stay with that decision.

    The floor is open.
  • Thank you KG, I don't mind if I do.......

  • Uhhh, all I can think of is that that's the day that John Adams died.
  • is this it?

    Jefferson and Adams thus died on 7/04/1826 at 16:050(111). It is curious that replacing 7 and 4 with their corresponding letters turns 704 into G0D. What an interesting observation. 50 is the 10 of cups, representing Utopia on Earth to me. NO, the world that was manifest from the seeds planted in 1776 was not a utopia ... but it was as close as spirit could produce at that time
  • Close enough, A.J.
  • [b]Just wanted to keep this topic out of history(Joke,Joke) so i decided to post in it.If A.J wants to ask the next question its fine with me but here i go.What
  • yeah its ok i justred wanted to answer the question your up Gab.... i didn a good job though :thumbsup:
  • Okay, nobody seemed to know about Ipsos so ill change the question.

    Who led the first spanish inquisition.
  • Geeze....talk about reaching WAY-back into the history records (many youngsters here have probably never even HEARD of the Spanish Inquisition).

    I think I have it narrowed down to either:

    a. Pope Sixtus
    b. Isabella and Ferdinand

    My ONE official guess, however, will have to be Pope Sixtus.
  • Sorry Lu.

    Pope sixtus authorized(spell check) the inqvisition but didnt lead it.Neither did the King or the Queen.

    PS. What do you mean we youngsteres dont know about the inqvisition.The battle of Ipsos was a looooonnngggg time before the inqvisition.
  • What do you mean we youngsteres dont know about the inqvisition.[/b]


    I don't know about other countries, but in the US, it seems as if the schools have stopped teaching "relavent" history. Many of the kids on this end can't tell you a thing about the following:

    The Black Plague
    Spanish Inquisition
    Spanish-American War
    WWI or WWI
    Korean War
    George Washington
    Abraham Lincoln
    Sir Winston Churchill
    Guy Fawkes (sp?)

    But they know a hell of a lot about Martin Luther King, Ceasar Chavez and the like.

    Ok, let's try this as my answer:
  • Ding,Ding,Ding.That is correct.

    Tomas de Torquemada, the hated monk who killed even his own grandmother and still went to heaven.

    Take it away Lu.
  • Once he makes his mind up, you can't Torquemada anything...

  • YAY! I win! I Win!

    Ok, here we go again
  • Gotta be the Virgin Mary.
  • Gotta be the Virgin Mary.[/b]

    Uh....how do I put it.....
  • Susan B. Anthony?
  • Our Lady Liberty, the Statue of Liberty!?!?
  • I agree with Speedie, it must be her.............or maby it could be Marilyn Monroe...

  • Speedie is probably right, but since she said it I'll have to say someone else........Mrs. Clause???
  • Monaca Lewenski???
  • No, no, no.......all good guesses, but also ALL wrong! Here is a hint: Her name starts with an "S".

    Keep trying!
  • Wouldn't be SAPHO, would it??
  • S?

    Susan B Anthony maybe?
  • Sorry T Dog, but it's not her.
  • Yup, it sure enough is!!!

    Did ya know that her name has been spelled many different ways, including the way that you spelled it T, but it's most commonly, and most recently spelled with a "g" instead of a "j", as it's a Hidatsa name (that is the tribe who kidnapped her when she was about 12 years old, and subsequently named her), and in the Hidatsa language, 'Sacagawea' (with a 'g') means "bird woman", which was her nickname, but if ya spell it with a 'j', it means "boat launcher"..... heh heh heh..... I think the first one suits her much better!
  • Let's hear it for speedie for getting the answer:

    He he he

    Yes speedie, you are right in your answer of Sacagawea! :thumbsup:

    To read more about Sacagawea, click HERE

    The floor is yours:
  • Alright, alright, I'm comin'!!
  • The versailles Peace Settlement. (1919-23).
  • Hey Theve1tch, do you think you could be a bit more specific??
  • I could be a bit more specific but then i'd just be taking the pee. :2devilish:
  • Well hell........I'll take it.......

    What is the worst marine disaster in U.S. history, the year it occured, where it happened, and (approximately) how many died??

    Good luck!!
  • It was 1865 when the paddle-wheeler Sultana went down with 1547 souls on the Mississippi River.
  • [quote]It was 1865 when the paddle-wheeler Sultana went down with 1547 souls on the Mississippi River.
  • Geeze....there was a quick and easy one. Robert E. Lee's father was Henry "Light-horse Harry" Lee.
  • In the immortal words of Felix the Cat, "Righty-O!"

    Go ahead and ask one of yours, your Evilness....... :D
  • Only two people signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, John Hanc0ck and [u]
  • [b]Thomas Jefferson
  • i am takin a guess here george washington? Andrew Jackson?
  • Benjamin Rush??
  • Nope.....all wrong, but good guesses though.

    George Washingtion??
  • Hmmm, well, yes, that is, I umm, could it be......Charles Johnson?
  • I thought it was somebody named Thomson, but this name is not even listed on this site:

    Maybe it's Thomas Nelson, or Thomas Stone- I am not certain. ???
  • [quote]I thought it was somebody named Thomson
  • Charles Thomson? I'm reasonably sure the first name was Charles, though I thought the last name was Johnson......
  • It was Charles Thomson, secretary of the continental congress, along with John Hanc0ck (president), who signed the Declaration of Independence on 7-4-1776.

    The original document was lost, and when delegates gathered in Philly to sign a newly prepared Declaration of Independence, Charles Thomson was not invited for some reason, thus the absence of his signature. I believe Charles Thomson was also responsible for designing the Great Seal, which some radical Christian BSsources claim has occultic/satanic meanings, since Thomson, along with many other of our founding fathers, were members of the Masonic Lodge- otherwise known as shriners/Freemasons.

    I do not know why the original was lost, or exactly why Thomson was not invited to sign the second document. Personally, I thought this was a rather interesting
  • Charles Thomson? I'm reasonably sure the first name was Charles, though I thought the last name was Johnson......[/b]

    [b]Ding! Ding! Ding!
  • My bad, I allowed this fine thread to slip onto the second page.
  • If i am correct it was Commodore George Dewey who said that and it was in 1898 when the americans attacked Manila bay.

    He hailed Captain Charles Gridley and thus began the attack on Manila Bay.
  • Close enough, GK.
  • [quote]please don't assault us with all the nuances and intrigues of a battle from antiquity.
    [quote]please don't assault us with all the nuances and intrigues of a battle from antiquity.
  • A long time ago a certain tribe started to wander from a place in Turkey.They wandered a while,destroyed the city of Troas,learned to make boats crossed a ocean and settled.

    I want to know what was the name of the people,what was built on the city they destroyed,what was their leaders name,from where in Turkey did they begin their journey and where did it end.[/b]

    Holy Sh!t!!

    My, my, we have come a LONG way from the "What was the 35th state" or "Who was Britains last Prime Minister"-type questions haven't we? SHEESH!!

    This'll take some time.......
  • Theres one for you WB. :D[/b]


    WB is not the only APi member following this thread. Please consider this prior to posting trivia questions this ambiguous in nature in the future- I spent nearly an hour on the web in an effort to find an answer, and now wonder if this question is some part of practical joke on your part.

    You could at least post an additional hint or comment every so often to prevent the thread from reaching the second page.
  • Okay heres a hint but it will probably make this question extremely easy.

    The leaders name was Herakles.
  • Ok gabriel knight, I think we can say nobody knows the answer, so can you post a different question??
  • Before Manfred von Richtoften became a pilot what did he do in the war.
  • Manfred von Richthofen, a.k.a. the Red Baron, was originally a cavalry officer in the German Army, but transferred to the German Army Air Service in May 1915.
  • That is correct theve.

    You may ask.
  • Here we go then:
  • [quote]Here we go then:
  • The best way of discribing it would to say it is the family name. As you Yank's aint to good on English monarcy i'll make the question a 'little' bit easier and give the houses, so all you have to do is fill in monarch and date.
    House of Normandy: William 1 (The conquer) 1066-1087
    House of Plantagenet:
    House of Lancaster:
    House of York:
    House of Tudor:
    House of Stuart:
    House of Hanover:
    House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha:
    House of Windsor:

  • House of Plantagenet:
  • Well done wreckingball. You are of course totaly correct. You may now ask away. (Here come the American politics questions :2devilish: ) And as for the apostrophe, well you should know by now my spelling and puncuation suck. :nono:
  • Contrary to popular belief, George Washington was not the first man in the United States to hold the office of President, who was?
  • John Hanson. Six other presidents were elected after him - Elias Boudinot (1783), Thomas Mifflin (1784), Richard Henry Lee (1785), Nathan Gorman (1786), Arthur St. Clair (1787), and Cyrus Griffin (1788) - all prior to Washington taking office.
  • Close enough.
  • YAY!!

    Ok, here we go with our next "History Trivia" question:

    The Roman emperor Commodus had all of the
    dwarfs, cripples, and freaks collected in
    the city of Rome and had them brought to
    the Colosseum.

  • The world's first Circus? :laugh3:
  • To show the romans how superior they were (The romans, not the freaks).
  • To show the romans how superior they were (The romans, not the freaks).[/b]

    .....Or, more specifically, to show Roma how superior he himslelf was, that he was somehow connected to Hercules, he used to go out into the arenas and fight,not only the beasts, but also the gladiators.
  • Hey......those were some really great guesses........but they are so, so wrong! LOL

    Keep tryin' guys & gals!

    Good Luck!
  • Well then, I go back to my original idea..... it was for a family reunion for Commodus.

    Or, it was to coin (no pun intended) the new name for where one empties one's bowels and bladder, "the commode"..... as Commodus proved to all, while out in the arena, how full of sh!t he truly was!!
  • Maybe he needed their help to try and build the first computer
  • [quote]Hey luc - did you know his first name was Lucius (Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus) - what a spooky coincidence
  • Something about dwarves with meat cleavers hacking each other up seems comical to me, in a psychotic way.
  • I concer with that answer WB, so as Lu is 'slacking' Carry on the thread decomposed one.
  • Thank you Theve, I'll do what I can.

    While touring with Buffalo Bill's Circus-show and Wild West Opera (or whatever the thing was called) an American of some notoriety contracted pneumonia in England and died. He is buried there under the sign of the wolf. Who is/was he?
  • Extremely wild guess, Geronimo.

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