wouldn't it be a great idea for sony to make?
  • yo...i have an idea in my mind....

    it's about making a PSP with a an HDMI screen and a blu-ray CD reader
    to make PS3 games available for PSP players..(but you know on a UMD's)

    instade of making an HDMI cable to connect the PSP with A flat screen
    mixing a PSP with a SONY bravia screen with a Blu-Ray CD reader would be a great idea

    for more awesome graphics...

    (s**t i've got a lot of ideas i should join to the SONY devolpment team...yeah? ) do anyone knows the URL for SONY's inc. i should give them the idea....lol

    How about it?

  • Yeah, just what we need.....a $2,000 hand-held gaming system.
  • what?! come on!! i mean no need to be expensive like that...well...$1500 well do..............right?
  • Nob, i think you're getting a little too ahead of yourself ;). A Sony Bravia Screen :huh:. And Blu-Ray in a handheld :huh: How big would it be...? How expensive!?

    No, within the next few years i think the next handheld from Sony may, at a push, include HD graphics but it would be a BIG challenge for Sony to produce this at a reasonable cost. :( And even so, this would be nowhere near blu-ray standard; it's just too advanced technology to fit effectively into a handheld at the moment.

    It would include features geared towards the digital distribution of games- better wi-fi and internet access, maybe even no slot for a game disk at all. That will be the biggest change we'll see for a while i think as well as better designs (2 analogue nubs) and maybe touch screen and other similar features.
  • As much fun as that sounds, it doesn't make sense from a business standpoint. Even if they could make the system cost-effective, it would cannibalize their home console sales; they WANT people to have to buy a home system and a portable system, not just one system that can do both.
  • personally I think they could use an OLED screan as it will be flexible, use less power and will also make the item thinner as it is about as thick as 1 peice of paper
  • so all of you are saying it's not a great idea?

    ok i'm not really with all of you in this thing
  • Your idea would be much more expensive than you think, NOB, plus it would not exactly meet the "portable" part of PSP. Ashz's idea on the type of screen to use for a new PSP sounds much more reasonable.

    Besides, Sony is possibly trying to getting away from using discs altogether in their handheld judging by their forays into having some game releases being download only from the PlayStation Store. There have been rumors of a new PSP (yes, another one) that has no UMD drive (or any other disc drive) at all. Instead it would have about 8 GB of built in memory for storage of the games plus you would have the memory stick slot. Less moving parts would mean less things to possibly break. Maybe we'll see something on this during E3 next month.
  • I think Sony's not alone - I expect that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will all eventually try to move away from physical media formats. It's far, far cheaper, and it removes the issue of used game sales undercutting their sales numbers.