Favorite Console
  • In your opinion, what is or was the best console that SONY has made available to the public based on reliability, game catalog, ease-of-use, etc.

    For me, although the graphics are awesome on the PS3, I feel that the PS2 was the best in regards to its gaming catalog and reliability.
  • i think that the PSP is the best in my opinion....i mean it's kinda like the PS3

    in the way of using ( by categories) choosing the categories by pressing the arrows..and games can be added on a memory stick....can be updated for better use...
  • I voted for the PS3 because i believe when it reaches the age that the PS2 now is, it has the potential to exceed what the PS2 has done in the last few years. But, without a doubt the PS2 is, at the moment, the best console Sony has produced for reliability, game catalog, ease of use etc.

    - The PS2 was hugely reliable (mine has never broke!).
    - Had some of the best games ever made.
    - Literally annihilated the competition! (Best ever selling games console, over 100 million units sold).
    - It changed the games industry enormously. Brought gaming to a MUCH wider audience through ease of use and it's price and availability, as well as GREAT games :). Without the PS2 the Games Industry would be very different today.

    Overall, i'd say a HUGE success for Sony :).

    But, i think what we are going to see now from the PS3 and games consoles nowadays is even bigger growth. Which in turn means better games and better consoles :D. We just have to wait and see :).
  • I voted PS1, mainly because it was Sony's first foray into gaming, and for a new company to have SUCH an impact against the likes of Sega and Nintendo was really refreshing.

    It took a while to get going but eventually the games were outstanding, some of which i would happily play today.

    So, mainly because of the groundshift it created, its PS1 for me.

    PS2 and PS3 are / where awesome as well though.
  • PS2 all the way, this console allowed Sony to place their death grip on the gaming industry. I have yet to jump to the next gen, and probably will be a while before I do, until then the copious amounts of gaming goodness in the PS2 catalog will keep me happy.:cool:
  • Dan E Staff said:
    {snip} until then the copious amounts of gaming goodness in the PS2 catalog will keep me happy.:cool:

    You make a very good point in regards to the PS2 Dan. Although some of us are lucky to own a PS3, I think it is important to note, as you have, that the PS2 is far from dead and it still maintains and incredible catalog of games to keep gamers happy for many more years.

    I have seen a few folks who feel that they are missing out because they don't have a PS3...not so. Sure, it is nice if you can afford one, but to consider oneself as "missing out" if they don't have one is plain foolish.

    Although I do have one, I still play my PS2 quite a bit...and have just as much fun on it as I do the PS3 (and the games are a HELL of a lot cheaper too).

    Currently, I am playing GUN on the PS2.
  • I am going with the PS2, mainly because I haven't had the pleasure of owing the PS3 yet.

    The ps2 does have an amazing array of games and some high quality exclusive titles.

    I have to admit though, I am a little saddend by my ps2 because is has stopped reading all of my psone games and I have been craving Gran Turismo 2 lately as well as FF 7-9.
  • PSP. Stay in school. :)
  • At the CURRENT moment, I'd have to say PS2 - but that's only because we're able to look at the big picture with it now being 9 years old. I'd say the PS3 has far more POTENTIAL, though, and if it much of that potential becomes realized, then it will take the #1 spot in Sony's history.

    Until the PS4, that is. :)
  • MasterofTerasKasi said:
    Until the PS4, that is. :)

    Geeze...just reading that makes me all goose-pimply LOL
  • 3D FTW! :tongue:
  • psp all da way..well i love online play i yet to buy a ps3 and xbox360 damn what a day it be