I'm trying to remember the name of this game.. Help!
  • Hey. For some reason, from somewhere in the back of my head, I started to remember this game I use to play years ago on my ps1 (At least i'm 90% sure it was a ps1 game). Basically, the game consisted of you on this huge platform, and you planted bombs or something and make these huge squares blow up, all while the end of the platform was collapsing.
    I remember that the models used for the bricks were all huge grey cubes, and the whole background to the game was just black (I think). I remember there was a 2 player mode where the more blocks you destroyed, the mroe you upset your opponents "platform".
    So, I can't think of the name to this game at all, and i'm hoping someone here would help me.
    Thank you in advanced.
  • meybe it's called (Bomber Man) i guess?
  • No.. I have played bomberman quite a bit. It's not it.
    Does no one have any suggestions to this? It's really nagging me..