Who is Inked??
  • Yes people - who amon us have tattoos - Ive always loved them but have only recently got my very first one done

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    Im going tomorrow to book my 2nd!!!

  • Have had my 2nd inkage done!!! I fell asleep while he was doing it!!! Very therapeutic!

    Link is same as above to see piccies :D
  • Right forearm.... ACES = Any Club Except Seattle (sounders)

    Left forearm.... PTFC = Portland Timbers Football Club
  • I've always wanted one so bad, but my Dad told me I would have to pay for college or pay him back. That would be one hell of an expensive tattoo!!
  • Due to get my 3rd (a cupcake) on my foot on 23rd may and then i have a plan for 2 flowers one on each shoulder blade in tribute to my grandad and great-grandmother, one in pink and purple and one in green and blue.

    I love having them done - the experience is just soooo cool!!!! i love the feel of the needles and the banter in the shop!!
  • yep - fresh inkage done today!!!

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