Street Fighter IV (PS3)
  • Ok, fight fans, let's hear your comments about Street Fighter IV. Fight!
  • An Amazing game. Seth is the Cheeesiest character I've ever played against. Of all the bosses. But after I found out his pattern though. He was not as hard as originally thought. Still is ridiculously powerful though. Too many ways to get totally destroyed by him.

    Other then that I love the game. I hope PS3 has some downloadable characters in the future.
  • hey guys, completely loving the new street fighter game, got mine 2 days ago tho, but i already unlocked all characters except Seth. 2 unlock Seth i must complete arcade mode with all characters, i think, so i'm working on that.
    But i really want 2 talk about is the movie :)
    really loved the game but honestly i was most looking forward 2 the movie, tho i really loved the movie, i was a bit disappointed, on i watched(over and over) these two movies labelled anime 1 and anime 2, the first a killer video of akuma and ryu's battle the second the street fighter 4 story(street fighter 2 follow-up, supposedly) from chun-li's perspective, and i didn't see any of that action in the movie released with/in the Street Fighter 4 Collector's Edition.
    My question: are the two movies on the site available as bonuses in the game or is there a second movie being released, or is the English version of the movie different from the Japanese or are there scenes that were deleted from the English version.
    Appreciate Your feedback, thanks. :)
  • I really enjoy Street Fighter IV because it reminds me of an older Street Fighter I played for Super NES...not sure the exact title of it. The end guy Seth is annoying as hell, but aren't end guys supposed to be cheesy/hard? :)