apple vs pc
  • My laptop is not going to last much longer. I currently use a dell and half of the monitor is unattached so Im going to get a new computer. I've been looking into the apples, but im not so sure they are worth the higher price. Does anybody have any experience with both systems and can help me out? I've also been looking into hp pavilion laptops as well.
  • Sorry Mike i have no experience of Apple Mac's, BUT i have read they are much more stable, less vulnerable to viruses and hacks etc.

    Most people who have used one seem to be of the opinion, once youv'e had an apple, a windows PC comes a poor second.

    My advice, trawl a few Mac forums etc, or google "PC vs MAC", i'm sure most people stick with windows PC's beacuse they are afraid of venturing into the unknown.

    I would imagine there are pros and cons on both sides, but if you don't try, you'll never find out.

    AND, lets face it the iBook etc look bloody good!!
  • As a Commercial Graphic Designer, I use Mac's on a daily basis, and have done so for many, many years. I use a Mac because it is still somewhat of an industry standard in professional design and print shops...but that is changing as well.

    In regards to Mac's being more stable, yes, it is true, but one must remember that Mac's also use propriety software...meaning the programs are more expensive as well.

    IMHO, unless you are using a Mac for professional-level workloads in the realm of Graphic Design or print related collateral, I would stick with a PC. The programs are much cheaper, easier to find, and there is no shortage of folks who can repair the computer if it goes down. (You ought to see the price to repair a Mac).

    Although I use a Mac for my work, I NEVER use it for my surfing, game playing and general recreational use. Although I have used Mac's for years, I really am not a fan of Mac's as a whole.

    The price is also a factor to consider. A top-of-the-line Dell Precision T3400 375w runs about $1,200 (with everything included), whereas the 8-Core Mac runs a little more than $3,100...and that does NOT include the monitor, which can run another $800 plus.
  • I ended up going with the hp laptop. The macbook I was looking at was about 1k with a 120 gb hard drive and the HP that I bought was $750 with a 400 gb hard drive. The power of the hp was much greater and cheaper so I went with it. I wouldnt have utilized the media capabilities. Since I have recently graduated college I only use the computer for music, movies, and surfing.

    Plus as you said the ability for cheap repairs is also a plus. I have many computer savy friends who would help me fix it for the cost of parts and a six pack of beer.

    My favorite feature so far is the HDMI output. I connected it to my tv and am excited to watch things from the internet on my tv.
  • Congratulations on your new purchase Mike! Although I am personally a fan of Dell computers, HP's have an excellent reputation, are extremely reliable and are good workhorses. You did very well in picking a HP and you will not be disappointed in the least.

    I am sure it will serve you very well, and hopefully you enjoy the new "toy" ;)
  • I have an HP printer and its reeeeallly good!!!

    I would love a mac but the price puts me off - thats why i went for the Vaio a couple of years back and i adore it!!!

    However i did get an iphone yesterday and it is absolutley fantastic!!!
  • Really like the look of the iphone, gonna get a new phone soon, between the iphone and a walkman phone, i have been hanging on waiting for the much rumoured, PS phone from Sony, AND this months OPM mag mentions a possible PSP Phone!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Its a really gd bit of kit - Ive always had sony phones, but ive been playing with the iphone in the shop since it came out but the price tag always put me off because it was
  • Don't hold your breath on the PSP Phone, Don- have a feeling nothing will come of it.

    Getting back to the Mac vs PC thing, I have been considering jumping ship eventually to a Mac myself, either the Mini or one of the regular Mac Books. Thing is, i don't really need it that bad, I'm still paying for the Dell Dimension 9200 I use now. Down the road, however, I may well give it a look further.

    I did pick myself up a new Canon all-in-one printer recently, though- the old HP I had was being very finicky about detecting the paper so i said heck with ya!