component AV cable...
  • hey..yeah i have to know about something...

    do i have to use a flat screen to use the component AV cable feature?
  • Any tv that has component inputs would be able to use those cables to show your PSP game on the big screen- it doesn't necessarily have to be a flat screen. If it does not have component then it won't work.

    Also, just to coverall bases, the other cables (which use the normal red/white/yellow jacks alone) will not show game play on the tv- it's just good for doing pictures and movies.
  • there any peice that can be installed on the tv to use the component av cable?
  • No there isn't- if your tv does not have component then you are out of luck.
  • ok..but..any idea about any TV with component av cable input?
  • Like I said in the original post, if the tv has component input built in the cable will work.