Touch technology
  • So the iphone was released and all of a sudden the US society has gone crazy over the endless amounts of new touch devices being released at the moment. What is your opinion on the "Touch Technology"?

    I remember when I was a kid and there were some computers that had the touch ablility and I remember thinking it was cool, but not anything so amazing I would bug my parents to buy it for me.

    Now it seems different because apple made the touch mainstream and I, like countless others, followed. Now in addition to the itouch ipod that I have, I also have an LG touch phone (I think its the glimmer or something like that). I bought my phone first because I came home a little tipsy one night and washed my old phone in the laundry and destroyed it. At first I loved my new touch phone, but now it can get annoying due to the movement of the screen whenever I accidentally touch it and the difficult navigability. While still in love with my phone I bought the ipod because I broke my old one by dropping a 70lb dumbbell on it. I like the software and the usability of the itouch much better than my phone.

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on the subject?
  • Looks like "Touch" is here to stay, especially with it being integral to Windows 7.

    Not used it myself, my ipod is a nano and my phone is an old Nokia.

    Will have to give it a go at some point though.
  • i have an iphone and i love it!!! I have had a samsung phone before with a touch screen which was terrible - but i cant fault the iphone!!!

    The robot we have at work for dispensing is all touch screen operated adn its soooo much easier!!!!
  • Although I a somewhat of a computer/tech nerd, the whole "Touch response" software isn't so impressive that I consider it an end-all of technology, to be quite honest. It is not any more efficient than the standard push-button technology in regards to getting the job done.

    Yes, it is a little faster, but it is still a emerging gimmicky twist on technology that has done nothing more than to convince folks that they must pay more (in some cases much more) for this function. When one considers time saved versus the monies spent, one has to wonder: Why is everyone on such a d@mned hurry to use text messaging or to make a cell call?

    Like anything else, the manufacturers of these devices are as masterful at marketing as they are at developing these new technologies, and they haqve one goal in mind, to make one believe that, unless they plop down a load of dough for one of their devices, you are missing out.

    My current cell phone can do the following:

    Make & receive calls
    Text Message
    Surf the net
    PTT (Push to Talk)
    Watch streaming movies/shows
    Play games

    Oh yeah, it's one of those "old" cell phones (non-touch screen). It cost me $75.00, and my monthly service plan runs another $60.00 per month for unlimited text, calls and net time.

    It can do just about anything the iPhone can at a fraction of the cost (in both purchase price and monthly contract price)...with the only drawback being that it may take me a whopping 15 seconds longer over the course of a month to complete these same tasks.

    Yes, it is a neat function and bit of technology, but I'd rather save the money and put it towards other goodies such as new games or a nice dinner out with the wife.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • I don't quite follow the whole touch technology craze even though I do have a touch phone. Good old Palm Centro.

    I don't like the difficult navigation ability around the phone if I push something. I even more don't like when I push something and it gives me something else. Something like that is a major downfall and pet peeve to me if I'm fiddling with my phone.

    I also don't like it for the fact that if your screen cracks in some way, you're toast as far as some of the applications are concerned. My Palm Centro had a touch screen and I used to use it as a calculator all the time, but now that the screen has cracked completely (which is, btw, NOT my fault) I'm all of a sudden unable to do anything but basic addition and subtraction. Even though there are more complex operations available to me on the calculator it's wasted...because the touch screen is broken and there's no way to maneuver it so it selects other options.

    I think the next phone I'll get will be a jitterbug...or something that has just a phone and text messages. I could do without everything else.