fifa09 problems online anyone?
  • am i the only person to have trouble getting a game online? when i get to the team selection screen if im the home team i can change my team but my opponents team doesnt change then game session finishes or if im away team neither team changes and i lose the session. Is it something ive done? I love the game but can easily beet the computer even on legendary i need a challenge, if any1 knows what the prob is i would be eternally greatful for any help.

    ps my connection strength is full so thats not the problem.
  • have you got the relevant ports open on your router?

    Not sure if thats a problem as you can get into the lobbies, maybe Lyndon can answer this one better than me.

    I have noticed this to a certain extent but i always manage to get the game started, there does seem to be a delay between the home and away sides connecting to each other.