• There is a guy at a bar, and he's feeling low.

    He walks in and sits down near a man with bad leprosy, who had also had his share of bad luck. The young man says to the bartender, "Gimme a beer", so, he gets one.

    He drinks it fast, and runs and throws up. He says, "Oh, that was bad, lemme try again...gimme a beer". So, he drinks it, and throws it up.

    The guy with Leprosy says, "If I make you that uncomfortable, well, I'll just leave. Ok?"

    The other guy says, "No, you ain't making me sick, its the guy behind you. He's dipping his nachos in your back!"

  • Lucifer you are downright evil. I was eating nachos and everything.:eek:

    If I had a superweak stomach I would have probably vomitted too, but I don't.:) In any case, very unique joke.:)
  • Another good one.
  • Ugh I may never look at nachos the same again!