InFamous Demo
  • Your thoughts people?

    Played it and was a little dissapointed i must say, i know Steel feels the same.

    Its got a good feel but quickly becomes repetative, although this could be down to it being a demo.
  • Well, I have the full game, and I'm completely loving it - it's a lot like a mash-up of GTAIV, Uncharted and Spider-Man 2. But with the ability to fry people who make you angry. :cool:

    I think it's well worth the purchase price - plus it comes with the code for the Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta that starts next week, so that's a pretty nice bonus.
  • I have to say that I'm of the opposite view, Don- I can easily kill time in the demo going around wiping out reapers, searching out blast shards, harassing the populace, etc. and have myself a great time doing it. Have to keep in mind the demo is just giving a taste of what's in store with the full game (which i expect to have in the mail early next week).
  • I wasn't overly excited by the demo. But, i can definitely see the full game being good.

    Only problem was that I too felt it was a little repetitive. Just shock move after shock move for example, even though the combat is generally good. I just hope there are a good few combos chucked in there in the full game.

    Other than that i felt it was great. The climbing mechanics are a lot of fun and the city, and the vulnerable residents :tongue:, very well designed. I like the idea of becoming good or evil aswell, and i hope the missions are well thought out and good for the game.

    DEFINITELY worth a purchase, i would say :).
  • While I loved the demo, I do feel that the one minor complaint I could make about it is that after playing the full game, it has become obvious to me that the demo doesn't really give a good sense of just how deep and engaging the storyline really is. Granted, that would be tough to portray in a simple demo, but I really do love the comic-book story in this game - and while I'm not going to spoil it for anyone, it's got one of the best endings in years. Goosebumps good.

    Still, the demo is well worth downloading to get a sense for the gameplay at least.
  • im still not sure about this one,i would like to rent this i think and get some kind of idea of the proper game play before purchasing it,maybe wait until it comes down in price