Cars..3 Qs
  • yo...what's up people?..i'm talking to you man...just kidding..

    yeah probably you know what this thread is talking about right?

    here is the Qs

    Q1-What car do you use mostly?

    Q2-what is your car's color?

    Q3-what is your car's model?(and don't tell me it's from 70's the best cars are 04's and above)

    OK we're done with the Qs so we'll see if everyone is right the site wouldn't last longer....
  • Seriously, NOB, where do you get this "site wouldn't last much longer" bit? :huh: We're not exactly hearing any bells tolling just yet, after all. ;)

    As for the questions themselves, i just have the one, a silver 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt. Was a good price on the trade in so I grabbed it while I could.
  • NOB, too bad you weren't here for the glory days....

    I have a red 99 mazda protege. I came within an inch of trading it in for a 03 bmw 325i, but then I backed out. I love not having car payments and being able to go out and spend money on whatever I feel like so I didn't do it.
  • I have an electric blue 01 Toyota Yaris - His name is Yoshi

    I love my car!!!!
  • N.O.B said:
    Q3-what is your car's model?(and don't tell me it's from 70's the best cars are 04's and above)

    Geeze, I guess that means my '72 Pantera is a piece of crap then, even with the following:

    392 CID Windsor (6.5L)
    Holley 750 Double Pumper
    Original ZF Transaxle
    MSD 6AL Ignition with 6000 RPM Rev Limiter
    Aviaid 9 Quart Oil Pan
    Hall Windsor Headers - Coated
    Pantera Performance Pre-L Exhaust
    Koni Shocks
    Autometer Ultralite Instruments. Voltmeter.
    Pantera East Billet Aluminum Wheels.
    335/35ZR17 Rear Tires
    235/40ZR17 Front Tires


    I suppose my '65 CJ5 would be a bigger piece of junk.

    Good thing N.O.B. set us straight about what the "best" cars are.
  • i would lurrrv to drive that car!!!
  • man.....with a 335 rear tires and a 235 front tires you can race with
    the quarter mile racers LU..well my car is a dark-blue chevy caprice 2002
    couldn't make it last for 2 years it's s**t now but still got the power of a V8 engine but..seems jane is make a relationship with yoshi...yeah?

    but d**n !!!! old school cars are very powerful people!!!!!!!! mostley when i try to buy a car just look for the powerful one don't missunderstand me....
    i like the speed and power in a car more than anything!!!!!!!! i don't feel the power of car with a V6 engine or lower they're lower than my caprice (V8)
  • OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucifer, thats the finest looking car i have seen for a GOOD while, I also want a PANTERA (my favourite band).

    I have a black Fiat Punto, its cheap, its crap, but most of all its CHEAP!!!!!