Live Chat 13th June?
  • Are we on tonight people?

    I will be on there at 10.00pm GMT

    See you there
  • No one here yet, 10.40, will try again at 11.00pm
  • Its now midnight and no sign of ANYONE even being online, no forum activity for last 3 hours!!!

    Going to bed, goodnight all.
  • Sorry Don, but I was at work until 9 PM my time (would be 1 am yours) so I wasn't going to be making it. Next weekend I will be able to get in, albeit a bit late (around 11:30 PM UK time). Hopefully more will be showing up next Saturday.
  • No worries, i just kept popping back in avery 20 mins or so, will be there next week.
  • I was at a party last night so wasnt around.

    Might be able to make it next week though x x