Ultimate ninja 4 Shippuden
  • hi has anyone found frog 15? the hint is he's on a hill and hard to find (no kiding) ive been looking in the forst where Aoi and her mom live. is this the right place to look? ive spent at least 3 hours looking for that frog and its the last one i need.
  • Try to the left of the bridge at Sand Village.
  • im a such baka its frog 13 not 15 sorry

    no it wasent thar porbaly cuz it was the wrong frog becuse of me being a baka.
  • Allrighty, you should find #13 in the area where Jiraiya is waiting with the quest to kill 100 enemies.
  • wow i past that spot 100 times and never saw him! Arigatou Lyndon!