• ok im connected through a local area server, i have a modem that is connected to a router with a ethernet cable and another ethernet cable connected to my tower from my router. if this helps im not connected through phone lines wireless.

    i am online but everytime i play it crashes and takes me out of the game sometimes it dont even let me go on and i have a internet connection of 100 percent so i dont know y. wen i first got online connections were really good but for the last month i have hardly had a good game without having problems.

    so i got told to get another ethernet cable one that connects ps3 and the router together so i could play online through a wired connection and for the first day it was a mint connection but then it started always crashing online and now i dont have a good connection at all with either commected though wired and wireless could u plz help me i dont know y it is doin this since i have a 100 percent connection
  • You may want to first try the simple solution, giving the router a power cycle (unplug the power for about 30 seconds or so). It's possible updating the router's firmware may help as well- you can get this from the router manufacturer's site.
  • do u know wat the belkin manufacturer site is and i asked my server if they would know the problem he said he was a ps3 expert and he said stuff like having the tele on could interfere with the connection but it was always good so y would it start now so i thought i would ask use and i always unplug the power because it annoys me and i say off it for a couple of hours come bck on still crap conneciton
  • Hi I Cant Dind Where To Update Belkins Firmware Anywhere Could U Help Plz
  • Not Dind Find I Mean
  • hey actually dont answer them question i did a internet connection test and my connection is really bad so im going to change so i just wonted to ask can u get a good connection without having a phone line if so who
  • One single cordless phone shouldn't cause too much interference, especially if it's of a higher Ghz than your router (5.8, 9.6).

    The only way to go without using a phone line would be a cable internet connection. Check in your local yellow pages or head to The List: The Definitive Internet Services Buyer's Guide and search for internet providers in your area.