Video games over the years
  • I may not be as old (no offense) as some others on the site (still no offense) but I did own a NES. For some reason I could never beat one of the games I owned. weird. So basically post your video game memories.
  • I can remember when the Gameboy was as big as a novel.:)
  • YouTube - Call of Duty 4 Gun Sounds! -

    I know. It's a recent game, but I do have fond memories of CoD4.

    Unfortunately I'm finding it rather difficult of making the transition from shooters to RPG. :(
  • Yeah, one of my fondest memories was when I had finally saved up enough money that I could go buy The Legend of Zelda at Wal-Mart. (Yeah, the first one) I'm oooold.

    Oops. I forgot this was a Sony fan forum, did I say Zelda?
    I meant God of War.
  • We are a Sony forum but doesn't mean we're die hard fanboys that think everything else is crap (that sort of close minded thinking gets me p.o. ed).

    One of my earlier memories was picking up the original NES when it came out in '84. That little grey box seen a lot of cartridges over its time. What sorta irks me is the price of those games were the same as we pay now for the current systems. When you think of how those looked to what we have now...
  • Im a nintendo fan as well as a sony fan

    I remember buying my PSone with my first ever pay check back in 2000!!!!! I was sooooo excited.....

    I also remember an old Atari ST 520 my dad got me for xmas one year - i loved that machine and when i got older i still played it until i found one day my dad had took it the charity shop!!!! I was gutted!!!!
  • As far as my playstation memories are concerned, I remember saving up my spare lunch money for about a year to get a PSone back in 2002-2003. And I remember I got to log about two to three hours on it before some idiot at my sweet sixteen got too wild and knocked it off it's perch.

    It still works fine though.:)

    First ever game on the PSone? Final Fantasy VII (please, like that's any surprise)
  • Yeah, I was just joking with that GoW thing, didn't mean to imply that you guys are all a bunch of hateful fanboys or anything.
  • :D Right now I'm playing my ps1!!!! (My ps3 broke... again) Vigilante 8 2nd offense. Test drive 5. Back when this was my only console the only way I won was cheats so I have everything in almost every game! I also had a NES. But sadly it doesnt work any more. I all really good games do you remember duck hunt?
  • Melinda S STAFF said:

    First ever game on the PSone? Final Fantasy VII (please, like that's any surprise)

    Oh Yeah man! How could I have forgot about that. That's my first Ps game and all-time favourite! Fond memories indeed. This game rocks. :punk:
  • i remember ping pong on the nintendo 264 that was the best and most addicting but came along cod4
  • I wish I could play my psone games so much. My ps2 won't play them anymore and I want to play GT2 and FF7-9 again.
  • Geezer representing...

    I remember finding the first Easter Egg in Adventure on the Atari. It was the coolest thing ever (at the time) and I wore that game out. And then there was the trick of getting double fire on Space Invaders! What fond memories! Still have them, natch! :D

    Actually, how is this for old. I still have my TI994a... complete with cassette drive! :eek:
  • does it still work?
    And a random bit of information here, the father of video games is still alive, in case you dont know.
  • General Red said:
    does it still work?

    As far as I know, it does. I have not broke it out for over 20 years. I did actually pick up another console at a garage sale, but it did not have all the manuals, cable or the cassette player like mine. Also the box was pretty ratty.

    That makes me wonder if I should break it out and see how much BASIC I remember! ;) I know that Adventure game module that came with it was great fun. Pieces of eight. Pieces of eight. Squaaakk!
  • Chris S STAFF said:
    Pieces of eight. Pieces of eight. Squaaakk!

    Was this a parrot? sounds like a pirates parrot.
    And what was the easter egg in Adventure?
  • General Red said:
    I may not be as old (no offense) as some others on the site (still no offense) but I did own a NES.


    GEEZER Alert!! GEEZER Alert!!

    Below is a photo of what my first gaming system was....and I had a few issues with the two-player double-squash mode.

    Atari PONG - 1975