Console wars
  • Really I just don't get the console wars. I mean I have a wii and a ps3 and all of my friends (and I mean ALL) have an xbox. I have played the wii and it is fun to some extent but it does get boring after hours of play. The ps3 and xbox I find are equally fun. I prefer the ps3 but I don't hate the xbox. I will defend the ps3 :boxing: when my friends (who are sort of fan boys) start calling the ps3 dumb. But I digress. I really don't get why xbox or ps3 fan people hate the other console.


    P.S. What is with that class="inlineimg" /> thing showing up?
  • Seems to be a bit of extra HTML stuck on that particular smiley, looks to be the only one that does it.

    As for why some act like fanboys and diss the other systems, part of it may be due to defending their choice of console if they cannot afford to get more than one and convincing themselves they made the right choice. That, mixed with a dose of stupidity/ lack of maturity, seems to be the main cause. Of course, some just like trying to get a rise out of others doing it.
  • I have never really got the fanboy thing either,I always get every console that comes out(not always straight away) but I happy playing on any of them.I do prefer the PS3 to the 360 though because my xbox broke 3 times,in the end I gave up on it and sold it on
  • General Red said:
    Really I just don't get the console wars... I really don't get why xbox fan people hate the other console.

    Because they are idiots! :p

    Everyone knows that Playstation RULEZ and xbox drools! ;)
  • Chris S STAFF said:

    Everyone knows that Playstation RULEZ and xbox drools! ;)

    I am rolling my eyes Chris.
  • Add me to the "I don't understand Fanboy's" category.

    Now, there is nothing wrong with a person having a preference of gaming systems (mine is PlayStation); and I do own a Wii as well (and PSP, & DS).

    But, there is a difference between having a preference and those who attack others' personal choice of console(s) with a rabidness that borders on complete stupidity. I have LONG been an advocated of a "No Fanboy" attitude, because lets face it, we can quote numbers, statistics, yadda, yadda, all day long; but there is a very simple answer to the "Which console is the best":

    The best of all consoles is/are those that the owner enjoys and gets the most fun out of.

    I mean, for me, that is what gaming is all

    However you achieve that is what is "the best" for that particular person or persons.
  • Thank you Lucifer a.k.a Confucius