MK vs DC Universe Online gaming
  • SO I have a PS3 and I have been trying to play MKDC online for quite sometime but have never successfully played a single game. I do not face any problem till the point of challenging another player and choosing my player to fight...but as soon as the fight starts...within 2 hits the I get message "game session no longer available". I have tried this numerous times with different players but no luck.

    I have alreay done almost all the troubleshooting that it available on google for this problem....this includes...putting PS3 in DMZ, port forwarding, connected the ps3 on hard lan.

    The network test passes on everything and give NAT 2 type connection. I can browse the internet with pretty good speed too. I have a Belkin N1 night vision router...Not sure what I need to do more.

    BTW...I also cannot connect to PS network on the console

    Sorry for the long post...but I wanted to include all the info upfront as against sending multiple post :)
  • To be honest, I'm not sure what else to suggest other than re-do your settings on the PS3, making sure to add everything you can manually (router IP, DNS addresses, IP assigned to the PS3, subnet mask) and doublecheck you have everything proper in the router itself (possibly a missed port not open, assign a specific IP to the PS3, put the PS3's MAC Address into the router's allowed device list). It sounds to me like some incoming PSN traffic is still being blocked.
  • Same here...I tried and tested everything but still no go. Shouls I use a free port checker software to check the ports...just to eliminate the possibility of any PSN traffic still being blocked. If yes, which ports should I check ?
  • We have the ports needed for PSN listed in the "Some Tips" thread pinned to the top of this section- a quick look there to make sure you have everything covered in your port forwarding should help. I would not necessarily trust a "port checker" other than perhaps one from a reliable site like (also linked to in that pinned thread).
  • Sure. I am using the software from will revert once I had a check
  • sorry for the dumb question but I can't find the "some tips" thread as u mentioned above...little help is appreciated
  • Go up two threads here in the PS3 Console section, it's the one at the very top. :p
  • Thanks. I found it just before reading ur reply....just my luck :)
  • ok...heres the deal...I did all the DMZ and port forwarding thing but didnt realise that that before the port forwarding could work...I need to have a static ip address...which I dont think I did so far

    It struck me when all the ports failed in testing that I did through the software...

    Anyway...I am stuck again. I am trying to change the ip address to static on my computer but when I go into connection properties... I do not get the "properties" option for "client for microsoft networks" is greyed out...although I am the administrator on this system.

    I know this question is not specific to PSN and I am not asking for an answer from you but just letting u know...:)

    I will be back once I figure out a way to getting through into this...
    Thanks for your patience
  • That sounds to me like you are going in the entirely wrong direction, Blues. That is sounding more like within Windows network settings instead of your router.

    Go into the router settings and have a look at the DHCP Client List- look at that and match up the MAC Address for the PS3 in there. You'll see the IP address the router is giving the PS3, put that in the DMZ and also add that address into the PS3's settings. You should then also be able to use that IP address in the port forwarding section.
  • You are right...I did go the wrong way quite a bit but I have corrected that now. Changed the windows netwrok setting to auto and we are back to normal.

    Now to what u suggested...checked the DHCP list in the router and updated the ip address from there into the DMZ and enabled it. Now where do u want me to add that setting in PS3 ?

    And are u saying that I enter the that port which is in DMZ in port forwarding also ?
  • btw...if I connect directly through the modem...I dont need to be doing any of this right ? I have tried that option also (connected on hard lan thorugh the modem) but the problem seems to be consistent...I keep getting disconnected halfway through the game...

    And I have read somewhere that someone who had the exact same problem...did changes on the MTU setting in the ps3....based on what it was in the PC and that worked for them....they were not using a router but connecting directly through basic modem
  • About half way through doing the PS3's network connection set up it asks you if you want to set the PS3's IP address manually or go "easy" (meaning automatic). Choose manual and enter in that same IP address here then enter in the other info I listed above in the next step.

    It is possible a tweak of the MTU would help as well, you can give that a try. If going to be trying connection directly to the modem make sure to power down the modem before switching the ethernet cable around- this will free up the IP address your provider gives. Going this way will make for having to edit some settings as you would not need router IP, subnet mask or that Ip address from the router.
  • I am going to go the direct route (through modem). Can you please advise what other changes I need to do apart from the obvious part of switching the cable. DO I need to do the DMZ setting ? And is the port forwarding still required ? I still need to setup the ps3 internet manually...if yes...what all setting do i need to do ?
  • Awaiting your response.
  • You're a patient one, ain't ya? :lol: Haven't been at my computer most of the day (guy has to get the bills paid).

    If going the direct route via the modem there would be no port forwarding/ DMZ to deal with as the router would not even be there. You could leave the PS3's IP address as Automatic but I would suggest putting in the DNS Server numbers your internet provider uses in the step after.

    Depending on what your ISP does for its access it is possible you may need to have a log in/ password in the PS3's connection settings (this would be if they use PPPoE, otherwise it shouldn't be needed- you could ask them to be sure).
  • LOL !! well...not exactly... :D

    So tried the direct route still no go. I did manually update the DNS server and left the ip to auto...but connecting directly through modem has not changed the problem. I also wanted to check if I am doing all the settings in PS3 network settings right....some of it I was not sure of, so listing it below..

    DHCP host name :::: do not set
    MTU :::: Manual 1462
    Proxy server ::::: do not use
    UPnP :::: enable

    Are these settings right ? I made the MTU manual at 1462 after pinging the google website on my would not ping at anything above that I figured 1462 would be my MTU..

    I am curious as to why each online game disconnects after the first 1-2 hits with the opponent player. It does not give any problem till the point of the game start....I dont get it.

    I dont play any other online game except MK so I can't check on those...

    Let me know if you have any other ideas ? I am almost starting to feel that I will have to live without online play on MK...that would really be awful:(
  • Leave MTU as Automatic but other than that those are as they should be. Now, when you swapped the ethernet cable into the PS3 did you have the modem powered off? If not then do this when switching the cable around- this frees up the Ip address your provider is using for you.
  • Set the MTU to automatic....and yes I switch off the modem when swapping the cable...actually I took power cable out too..but I still have the same problem :(
  • One other change to make may be turning off the media server (although this shouldn't affect a direct connection to the modem). Only other thing I can suggest is go back through your PS3's connection and make it all automatic and then possibly call your internet provider's tech support to confirm what numbers they use.
  • Where do I turn off the media it in the modem ? Also...if I make everything auto in PS3 then what numbers do I need to be asking my internet provider and where do I update ? Wouldnt that mean making all settings manual in PS3 again ? Sorry....I am confused.
  • Anybody there ??
  • The media server bit is at the bottom of the PS3's network Settings menu.

    For the moment change your PS3 settings to go all Automatic and give both the modem and the PS3 a reboot. If it still doesn't work after this then contact your ISP to ask them some particulars about the connection they give you (DNS numbers, user/ password combination possibly needed, etc.).
  • Ok I am back...and as cluless as I left :)

    I did go through everything you said. Set everything to auto, connected directly to the modem and turned off the media servers. I still get disconnected midway through the MKDC games.

    Just thinking...can this be due to the internet speed ? I have a 7 mbps line and I thought that it would be enough to play online. Do I need more speed/bandwidth ?

    Another thing that I tried was play Transformers game online......and to my surprise I could play it quite well...without a single hitch.
  • It's true that it could be a server problem- would not surprise me to see MK vs DC be more popular online than TransFormers. The speed you have should be plenty of speed but if your ISP is not able to actually give that speed consistently (if this is cable internet it's a shared bandwidth so you may be running into not getting enough) this would cause the disconnects.
  • I checked the speed. I am getting download speed of 3000kbps+ and upload speed of 300kbps+...that should be more than sufficient
  • The ping time you mentioned in your last post (which you seemed to think was a duplicate and edited) sounds a bit high to me- 385 ms is a long time for online gaming. That and the .2 Mb/ sec on upload you found would not be good enough- this is why you are having problems. This may be a good time to consider replacing the router.
  • Yeah...I deleted that post because I didn't see my previous I forgot to notice page 2...I was still checking page 1

    So..You mean I should get a better connection w/ more speed ? But will increasing the speed necessarily increase the ping time ? Also, whats the optimal upload speed that I ought to be looking at ?