• Hi,i can get online no problem with a wired connection ,but when i try wireless it says it cant find my ip address.please help
  • It's doing this because your connection is set up as a wired connection. If you re-do your PS3's connection as wireless you should have no problems (although I would say stick with the wired for a more constant connection).
  • i changed to wireless,at first and still the same
  • i want wireless cos i'm fed up of tripping over
  • I take it you do have a wireless capable router in place? If so then do your connections from scratch and when you scan for a wireless connection you should find your router. Other than that the numbers you put in should be the same as when you went wired.
  • lol,yeah i do have a wireless router,my laptop is wireless .it picks the signal up 100 percent,it just fails to get my ip address,it's doing my nut in
  • where's my reply
  • It's coming (sheesh, no patience :rolleyes:). lol

    Boro, you may need to go into your router settings and grab some numbers to put into the PS3's connection settings manually (the DNS servers, the subnet mask and the router's IP address). Also, if you have encryption set up on the router you would need to add the type and the pass key needed for the router to let it through.
  • thank you, to be honest i think i'll stay wired as i'll no doubt muck it up,as i'm I.T illiterate .thanks for your help anyway