Tv and ps1 problem
  • Is it possible to play PSone through my home DVD-player? because we have lost our tv remote control and i cant switch A/V anymore. The tv is quite old. Its colorful toshiba 2100RST and not possible to switch A/V on tv. We have playied ps1 before with it, but we had the remote.
    So is it possible to put those white, yellow, and red scart wires onto DVD player (there are colored holes behind my dvd player) the way that we can see picture on tv but scart stuff is in DVD player?

  • Hook the cables from the PSone into the inputs of the DVD player and the game feed should go through it to the tv. You may need to adjust which input the DVD player looks at but it can easily be done.
  • huge thanks for that! I
  • when i put the cables into DVD player and turned on ps1 i did see something, but the dvd player's own dvd picture screen was disturbing it. I saw ps1 video and dvd stuff at the same time. Is there any possibility to see only ps1 screen and turn off dvd stuff? And i did switch those scart wires behind the tv and dvd too.
    Or is there any conflicts with output and input things?
  • I don't think you needed to do anything between the dvd player and tv. As for getting things going through without seeing the player's screen, does your DVD player alow signal to pass through while it is powered off? If so, there's your solution.
  • when i turn it off from the standby off/on button then while pressing it i can see clear ps1 game picture, but when it manages to turn it off then i get the tv picture again.

    Maybe i need to buy some "middle-stuff" for it to work, but don't quite know what exactly.
  • A relatively inexpensive a/v selector would do the trick. Both your PSone and the DVD player would plug into it and the output from it goes to the tv. Then you just select the feed you want with a push of a button.
  • Thanks again. I am ready to buy it.. i drew some childish plan with paint and i guess i know what i need.. i need some more scart
  • well, i bought this thing, but i still get screen messed with dvd and ps1. The only upgrade is that i got sound..


    maybe i should wait until my other tv is brought back.. :confused: