Random rants the third encounter
  • Lately I have been going back in the general discussion forum and reading the random rants return thread (it is the oldest post I can read) and hoped I could get it started again.:cool: And i have a question for the staff about smilies have there been smilies removed? Back to topic RANDOM RANTS THE THIRD ENCOUNTER!!!!! (sounds like a movie huh?) :59:

    I dont have a rant right now.
  • Why does education have to cost so much??

    My classes for grad school are going to cost me $1500 per class!! I have to take 3 classes per semester and the semesters are quarterly. I am going to have to come up with $4500 every 4 months for the next two years.

    I tried for financial aid, but my father is an extremely successful business man so I can't qualify. He paid for my undergraduate education, but beyond that is all me.

    Hopefully I can land a full time job that will help me pay for some of my education.
  • Why do people need to be snotty when they ask questions?

    I was working (at Disneyland) the other night and a group getting out of one of the boats asked me where the fireworks show was going to be. To which my reply was "If you're anywhere in Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Main Street you can see them". (which is one of my more nice responses--most of the time I reply with "In the sky") We were at Small World (which is in Fantasyland). She gets all snotty to me and goes "where's the CLOSEST place to see them? Do you know what that means?" Uh, pardon me miss I didn't know you were a freakin dip**** and needed precise directions to find a place to pop a squat!

    Thankfully a fellow coworker took over and talked to her and gave her specific directions. I was two seconds short of ripping her a new one.

    And another thing, why is it so hard to find numbers? It's one of the first things you learn. They don't call it A,B,C's and 1,2,3's for nothing! So why, when you tell people to go to row 5 do they walk around like I'm spouting out thereoms from quantum physics?! And then when I repeat myself and show them--with my hand--where they're supposed to go...why do they still act confused? Then I'll resort to leading them, physically leading them over to where they're supposed to be...and what do they do? They are still puzzled. And then when they ask where they're supposed to go they get mad when I say their row again and say "follow the magical numbers on the ground"

    I can only help people out so much. Really? I thought people grew independent once they hit five years old. I had no idea middle aged people needed so much guidance on what the numbers look like.:mad:
  • I hate people who think they can drive but really they can't! I was with my grandparent and this lady is in the other lane! I just shake my head but that person will be the cause of a crash. H.U.A. is a deadly disease indeed. It is a 12 ft lane with to lanes on that side! And she still cant keep her car in her lane. Another thing that ticks me off is people texting or talking on their cell phone while in the car. Aparrently it is so important to do it in the car and yet not so important to pull over.
  • Nothing annoys me more than Hypersensitive people...the type who actually get all bent out of shape no matter what you say. Where do these people come from?

    Stupid people.
    Now, I am far from being a Rhoades Scholar, but my God how I hate stupid people. I am not referring to those without higher educations by any means, but rather those that are so lacking in any sort of common sense they could be charged with "Felony Stupid". Most workplaces are full of them....

    Political Correctness.
    'nuff said.
  • Here is another one:

    People that don't use their turn signals

    What is up with this...did they purchase cars without a functioning turn signal, or is it really just so d@mn difficult to reach down and flip the little turn-signal lever.

    I absolutely hate when I am at a 4-way intersection...or any other turn off, and some dumb@ss in front of me either just turns without warning; or if you are waiting for them to pass (on the opposite side of the road), and they turn.

    Oooooo...it ticks me off to no end!!!!
  • I find that most annoying as well lucifer,what is there problem is it just sheer lazyness or what :frown:
  • Another thing that really P's me off is when I come to clean one of my customers windows and they speak to you while you are doing them and then just get in there F'ing car and drive of without paying me,which then means I have to come back and try and catch them in day after day.
    I think it's a lack of respect they have for me or they just see me as beneath them :mad:
  • I think it's a lack of respect they have for me or they just see me as beneath them

    Boy-oh-boy...don't even get me started on that. One thing that will make me go ballistic are pompous, arrogant, "look-down-their-noses" type people.

    I don't care if you are a CEO of a large corporation, or someone who scrubs toilets for a living, the bottom line is that everyone works to provide for themselves and/or their family(ies).

    Just because one may have a job that pays better than another, or may require dressing a little better, does not make you any better of a person. As a matter of fact, if you are fortunate enough to be one of those high-paid types, you should appreciate the fact that others may not be as fortunate and show a little consideration for them and the hard work they do.

    As far as I am concerned, no one should ever have to feel embarrassed about the job do or the service they provide. As long as one is trying to better themselves (legally of course), and works hard, I will always give you my respect for that.

    There was a time when I did some really nasty, dirty, disgusting work...and I have not forgot what that was like and just how much it really does suck. But bills needed to be paid and food put on the table. Believe me, I for one have not forgotten what that is like, and I always treat others with similar jobs/positions the way they should be, decently and like any other person.

    ...can you tell I don't play well with arrogant, narcissist type people? ;)
  • If there was anything my parents taught me it was to be kind and respect all others, well except those who have brought my blood to the boiling point....:devilish:
  • More of a pet-peeve than a rant really, but I get so annoyed at people (mostly women) who weight 300lbs and still insist on wearing a half-shirt and tight pants in public.

    I mean, come on, if you're overweight or even fat, ok, fine, but just because you can squeeze your carcass into certain clothes does NOT mean you are built for it. That last thing I want to see when I am shopping is someone who looks like they stretched a banana skin over a watermelon...with layers of flab oozing out the sides.

    Just nasty. :eek:
  • and did you see this person at a walmart by any chance?
  • General Red said:
    and did you see this person at a walmart by any chance?

    You saw her too eh? :p Loooool
  • No I did not but there is a site you should see it is called people of walmart...
    Some of this stuff is soooo funny!
  • General Red said:
    No I did not but there is a site you should see it is called people of walmart...
    Some of this stuff is soooo funny!

    I Googled the site and yeah....funny stuff!