Playstation 3 add ons
  • Im trying to add on songs to my playstation 3 system. Im not quite sure how to do it. I go to the playstation site and i found the songs but dont know how to buy them and get them on the playstation. How do i do it. I have a 80 bit playstation
  • You are going about it the wrong way there, Charlie. To purchase additional songs for Guitar Hero 3 or Rock Band you need to go into the PlayStation Store.

    Go to the PlayStation network portion of the PS3's menu (just before your Friends menu) and you will see the icon for the PlayStation Store- look for the blue shopping bag with the controller button symbols on it. You will find the music in the Game Add-Ons portion of the store. When you find the songs you want just click the "add to cart" to put them in your shopping cart or, if just buying that one group, select "Buy Now" to go directly to the checkout process for that item.

    You will need a credit card to be able to purchase the songs if you don't have one on your account/ any cash in your store wallet. When putting this information in they will ask for the address the card is issued to- this must follow exactly what is on record with the bank (even a single period out of place will cause a rejection). Once things are fully processed you get to a screen with the item you bought and a big "download now" button- just click that and your download will automatically go to the right spot for the game to use it.
  • or a visa electron just look for the visa sign if your on psn in europe you wont need a credit card, though you cant make a payment lower than five pounds or equivelant so anything left over just builds up towards next purchase.
  • so when you purchase an add on,
    and put your account details in to put funds into your wallet,
    does it go through your internet company seeing as its online,
    or straight from your bank ?
  • It's a bit of a mix, Lew- you send your request via your internet access to Sony and, if needing to top up, they send a request over the internet to your credit card company to get the transaction approved and add the funds.
  • i have another question im new to ps3's but in my playstation store i dont have a blue add on button down the left hand side of the screen? is that normal and is there a way of getting 1 please help?
  • If you are using the Canadian or US store you should see it just below the Demos section.