2 ?'s about Ape Escape 4 PS1
  • Hi. I am a new member and I would like some help. I can't find my question out of the many ones out front, so I will ask it here. For Ape Escape on PlayStation1, where is Spector in the Crumbling Castle stage? I have looked for him for months and I still can't find him. There are still parts of the castle that I haven't covered, so I will need directions on how to get to him. Thank you!! My other question is: How do you get the monkey out of the box/light up battery thing on top of the castle near the stairs to enter the castle from up top? I don't know how to get him out either. If you could help with any of these it would be great. Thank you so much!:)
  • Be sure to accomplish The Tower Door event to be able to get there, then make your way to the top of the castle where Neeners was and go through the now-open tower door ahead of you. Watch the cutscene and you'll have to fight a boss (sorta). Just run around the small battlefield when the boss got energy around him (indicated by blue sparks on him). Wait until you hear a charging noise, continue running and jump over the shockwave he'll make when he hits the ground with his axe. He'll now be much slower to move, take out your Slingshot and nail him anywhere to damage him, repeat the process until he falls over, you'll exit the stage then.

    To get the monkey out of the box you'll need the magic punch, which you don't get until getting through the game for the first time.
  • your best bet would be to go onto youtube and look at vivalacloud8745's videos. for the monkey in the box wait until u have beaten monkey madness specter land and got the magic punch (you'll understand)