I need help very badly
  • Mainly on just to see if a few websites lied to me. For Bully on PS2, I looked up cheat codes on cheatcodes.com (go figure). And it said this exactly:

    Play As Gary
    During game play, press X(3), Circle, Right, L1, Square, Triangle.

    Play As Preppie #1
    Right, R2, X Triangle, Left, Square.

    Play As Jock #1
    Square(2), Up, Left, R1, L1, L2, Right.

    Play As Greaser #1
    X, Left, Square, L2, L1, X, Triangle.

    I tried it and it never worked and then I went to several other cheat websites and they had the same thing. Is this possible to play as someone else? And BTW I am a huge PS2 fan. It will always be the best console. But Bully is my favorite game.

    Also, yes I have tried both controllers.
  • I'm not sure what cheats you're looking at but I couldn't find any of those that you listed. You can unlock items, options and girlfriends but I didn't see any cheat that would let you play as someone else.