Black rectangle at the top of the screen
  • Hi all,
    In some of the games I play I have a problem - A black rectangle appears at the top of the screen. It happens in some of the games, and not through all the game (For example, in the loading screens, the game suddenly covers all the screen again). In another part of the games, the game covers all the screen, but the game overflows beneath the screen.
    It's really hard to play like this, please help!!

    Thanks in advance :)
  • Sounds more like a tv problem than the console- have you tried making any adjustments to the tv?
  • Yes I did try to change the settings.
    And I forgot to mention - when I watch shows on tv the problem never appears, so I don't think it's related to the tv somehow.
  • i had a problem like this try getting some new cords for it. that worked for me.