Wireless Internet Connection on PS3 Using Cell Phone?
  • i use my cell phone as a wifi connection for my laptop but the ps3 does not reconize it. i have it laying next to the ps3. any help would be appreciated.
  • Two things that make that not a good idea:

    1.) The speed you get that way is no where near fast enough

    2.) Your cell provider most likely has a cap on the amount of data (even if they say unlimited) and going this way would amount to a lot of data going back and forth, resulting in a very big payment to your cell provider.
  • the download speed is 100kb / sec. i want it for updates and internet browsing. i am not an online gamer
  • Sorry, mtm, but it just isn't going to work.

    You could still grab the firmware updates via your computer over at Sony's site but as far as the PS3 goes, you may as well start looking into some DSL or cable internet providers.
  • Not only are you wrong about it not working, but I have not only successfully connected my cell phone to my PC as a usb internet modem but I've also set up my own home LAN and hooked my PS3 up to this network via my PC's Ethernet card and windows internet sharing, but I've also played Soccom with not lag, been able to have PS3 video chats and achieved DSL high speeds at 1MB per second. I'm trying to get it down step by step and make a youtube video which I intend to post info.

    There so far has been one draw back. It seems everytime I turn off my computer and turn back on I have to set the network up again before it's working properly again. Still working out bugs but that might also be exclusive to my PC and setup.

    Hardware I'm using is:
    -Sprint Samsung Instinct w/data cable and Simply Everything Plan, (there's no extra fees that way because Sprint doesn't allow the "phone as a modem plan" unless you downgrade to a limited minute plan and add "phone as a modem plan" for additional $15/mo. I know stupid right. So they figure because they don't give you plan and show you how to do it that you won't be able to, WRONG, trust me there are no fees this way).
    -PC ethernet card
    -ethernet cord

    How to setup:
    -google "how to use your phone as usb modem for PC" and follow directions, also can find videos for this on youtube
    -afterwards go to network connections
    -right click on the dial-up connection setup with usb cell phone modem and select advanced tab
    -then check box for internet connection sharing (dont worry about bottom two options that become availiable upon checking the box).
    -after this make sure connection for ethernet card under network connections is enabled (right click on it and select enable)
    -then connect PS3's ethernet cord to that ethernet card after connecting other end to PS3 (DUh)
    -turn on PS3 go to network settings, then internet connections, then custom, then right scroll through all options selecting

    *If you want it to be a wireless connection just buy a wireless router setup on PC and hook ethernet cord to routers internet port and other end into PC's ethernet port, then go to PS3's network connections and setup wireless network. FOR BEST SPEEDS AND CONNECTION RUN WIRED CONNECTION AS DIRECTED IN INSTRUCTIONS.

    It's might take some tweaking but it will work if done correctly

    For any questions email: