Help! Does anyone know the name of this PS1 game?
  • I purchased a PS1 game during 1995-1997 that was a western style mystery game. If I remember correctly, the game began by finding a wagon where two adults inform you that their child (I think) was kidnapped. You then set off to find whoever it was that was kidnapped. --If this is not the beginning, it might have been just finding the wagon and deciding to investigate-- While you are going through the town you talk to people to find clues and collect items (such as a crowbar) that help you investigate the town further. There was no action in the game at all and it was very similar to a PC game. All you could do was turn left, right, move forward, interact with people, and items. I spent day after day playing the game and then it was stolen out of my house and I still want to finish it. Please help if you are familiar with the game! Thanks
  • That's it! It's amazing that you were able to find the game. Thanks very much.
  • no worries man! !!!!
    now only if someone helped me fix my playstation! :redface: