My Sound Won't Work Help Plz
  • Ok I Was Playing My PSP Game Then All OF a Sudden No sound I press home
    no sound too. Also i turn off my psp and restart the whole thing nothing happn. I Put On Full Volume Nothing Too. But When
    i put ear phone it the sound come out from the speaker. help and thanks
  • Seems like there's some sort of fault with the audio equipment inside the PSP. If you are still under Sony's one year warranty, it'd be worth sending your PSP in to Sony for repairs/ replacement. I don't think this is anything you could sort out by yourself.
  • Is There Any Other Way I cAn Fix Myself Cuz i dont hv the warranty anymroe
  • Unless you are rather handy at fixing electronics from the inside then no- you would have to get it sent in to Sony. Seeing as you are out of warranty they would likely be charging in the range of $50-80 to get it done.
  • My Sound Does Not Also Work, Only Half, When I Press The Volume + Button It Says Avls On The Side. Plz Help
  • AVLS is an audio limiter built into the PSP. This is so people can't claim the PSP made them deaf after listening to it at too high a volume for a long time.

    If you go into the Settings menu and into Sound Settings, the first thing you'll see there is AVLS. It is likely turned on on your PSP- turn it off and you'll be fine.
  • thanx very much lyndon
  • hey it happen to me what up wit that yo.