Controller or wheel
  • I am thinking of building an arcade style setup for my PS2 as I have a car seat out of my old Datsun. Is it worth buying the wheel?? Does it make a differnece?? or without building a setup can I be satisfied with the plain controller?? Have been using the controller for a while but want to get some thoughts before I drop some dough for the wheel.
  • [b]I am satisfied without a wheel.
  • I agree with speeddemon. The controller does just fine. The wheel does just the same capitiitly as the controller right? Save the 30 bucks and go with the controller.
  • Thanks guys, I think I'll stick with the controller and use the saved dough to buy another game.
  • I have the Logitech driving force wheel, and it is way better than the controller. If you like playing gt3 it is a must have.
    The force feedback is really good, you can feel all of the curbs, and bumps in the road, especially on rallys.
  • I say if you got the the seat out of your old Datsun then why not make it interesting with a wheel
    YEAH :grin1:
  • I would recomend the wheel, (Logitec force feedback that is). Much better that the controller but does take getting used to if you are used to the controller. Everyone I know with the wheel has managed to shave time off all there best times on the controller. Another point being the wheel will be great for GT4 Online, and if other people are allready used to the wheel and using it, it will make it hard to compete if you are still used to the Dual Shock. A good comparison would be trying to beat someone at Unreal Tounament with a controller and they are using a keyboard, mouse combo and used to it, unless they suck the controll advantage would give them the win hands down.
  • You can be good with the controller but the wheel makes a world of difference - in tight conrners etc it give you more response than the controller

    i personally dont use a wheel but it does make you quicker.

    the game that i would recommend a wheel for is WRC - you can save minutes (honest) on a stage in it as compared to the controller
  • After keeping track of this thread and an impending Birthday I have decided to go for the wheel option (hopefully get it as a present) at the moment I am having a hard time getting any PS2 time as I am about to move soon, I will keep you posted on how I go building my setup.

    Thanks again to everyone for helpful and informative advice :D
  • I would have to agree about the wheel being better, in the tight corners and stuff .
    The controller is harder to judge just how far ya have the wheels turned where with the steering wheel you have an idea where it is at all times, Gets a bit of getting use to and would be a great deal better with a proper race seat and dash type setup,
    I say if ya can get ya hands on a seat and build a setup why not, ya forked out the cash for the ps2 and the game, Why not enjoy it to the max.
    Keep racin and keep ya chin up