MGS4 BOSS - how to kill Crying Wolf
  • Guide to Beating the CRYING WOLF boss in Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots


    How to Kill Crying Wolf in Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots:

    Boss: Crying Wolf

    After regaining control, you must figure out what is happening, then look for a place to hide. Just north of the fallen tree is a parked truck, so head towards that and crawl underneath.

    Great thing is, you will also find a ration there. After everything clears for a while and it's much safer, you must find a way to approach the Crying Wolf.

    There are certain factors that make this battle against Snake's favor. First, there is an ongoing blizzard which makes it almost impossible to see if the Solid Eye's night vision weren't activated.

    Then, you will also be faced with a bunch of Haven Troopers that are patrolling the area, aside from Crying Wolf herself. And this is going to be tougher because with each Haven Trooper you eliminate, another one arrives to replace them.

    Then of course, there's the actual boss whom you have to deal with. Crying wolf has this armor that disables body heat from escaping, so even with the night vision, you can only see small parts of her body.

    She also possesses a few characteristics of wolves, thus making her really quick and has a very sensitive sense of smell. When she spots Snake in the open, she will get at him or shoot her rail gun.

    So it would be best to stay hidden under the truck and when you see the Crying Wolf, that's when you shoot her. Although this may work to a certain extent, it will eat up a lot of time because you have to wait as Crying Wolf wanders around instead of you getting to her.

    Or, she may not even show up at all and you have wasted much time and effort. By turning on your night vision, you do have a shot at catching her off guard.

    If you still have not seen her, figure out where the wind blows and you must not be at a downwind, or else you have to move. By doing this, you've accomplished both: searching for Crying Wolf and keeping yourself alive. Just ignore the Haven Troopers, as long as they don't instigate a fight against you. And if they do, just blast them quickly while also keeping an eye on Wolf.

    As for attacking, you must do this at a distance. Because when you get within the pouncing range, this will work to Crying Wolf's advantage. So make sure to use a long-range weapon that enables you enough scope to fight.

    Also, you have to make your shots count, and damage can only be inflicted by hitting her exposed body which is only visible when she tries to fire her rail gun. However, the real battle lies in being able to find her, so once you've figured out where she is, it is much easier to hunt her down afterwards.

    Therefore, this battle is a case of sniper against sniper. The difference lies in that your enemy is a lot larger and possesses a more powerful weapon. But that does not mean you are at a total disadvantage because you must learn to anticipate your enemy's next move, so you have to think strategically to keep yourself from being vulnerable.

    After defeating Crying Wolf, she will turn into the Crying Beauty.

    Boss: Crying Beauty

    Like with the other Beauties, Wolf will try to grab you. When she was able to do so, she will then bear hug you until you have attained a lot of damage. However, you can free yourself by simply wiggling around; so make sure to stay a safe distance away.

    If you have a found a better way of killing Crying Wolf in MGS4, please let us know below.

  • I found crying wolf the easiest boss to beat. You just lie under the truck to the right. Turn your night vision goggles on and use a sniper rifle. Every time Wolf comes you shoot the white center, and it takes about 5 shots. Only problem is you have to wait for it to keep coming back. I found myself shooting all the troopers just for fun until crying wolf comes back, I also read that getting out from under the truck to let her smell your scent then getting back in makes her come quicker but I didn't bother.
  • I did the exact same thing that "mavadjdj" did, with the exception of the whole scent thing. I consider myself an average gamer, so to figure this strategy out so quickly, co-signs the easiest boss comment.
  • Hey i need help on this i have not seen a fourm about this but after the boss fight against crying wolf i found a figure outside the building you have to go into. the figure was crying wolf what am i supposed to do with it. please help
  • If your talking about the boss that slowly walks after you just keep shooting it till she dies. Don't let her touch you. I find the closer she gets the more of your shots that hit. Let me know if thats what your talking about.
  • Cryng wolf is easier to kill if you trak her down use ravens grenade launcher and the white phosphorus grenade after about 10 shots use a sniper rifle and shot her twice in the head then she will die for the beauty use the grenade launcher and use the stun grenades in 3 shots u will take her down and get cryng beautys face camo
  • I managed to download the fly camo and enabled that did crying wolf no probs.