PS3 DNS ERROR 80710102 wireless network
  • Hi,
    Hopefully someone might be able to give me a 'heads-up' to the problems I have connecting my PS3.

    Here is a list of my connections:

    Incomming broadband is wireless. Aerial on roof.
    Connection in, via WAN receiver box.
    Ethernet cable out of WAN reciever box to a wireless (ADSL) router which I am using as a hub.
    I have a laptop and a PC both connecting wireless'ly to the router. Connection to the internet is then 'dialed' through the WAN to my ISP. This all works OK.

    Now the problems:

    The router has the MAC address of the PS3 entered as a 'approved user' and I have entered the WAP code. PS3 wireless - has 100% connection.
    If I use the PPPoE connection (to dial the ISP - as we do with the PC & laptop) nothing works.

    Frustration is setting in - any idea's please? :confused:

    Many thanks
  • Steel, are you doing the dialing via the computers? If so just let the router handle that bit and put the dialing info into it- that way everything going online will have automatic access.

    Now, you may want to also put some extra numbers into your PS3's settings such as your internet provider's DNS servers, the router IP and the subnet mask.
  • Hi Lyndon
    Many thanks for your reply.

    My laptop & PC (both are connected to the internet and are working wireless'ly) I have to connect to the wireless belkin router (acting as hub).
    Then 'dial' the PPPOE connection to my 'wireless ISP' via the belkin to the WAN miniport.
    The belkin is a DSL router and cannot 'dial' my ISP. On the belkin 'home-page' it show's as though there is no internet connection - which is correct, as no telephone line is connected to it.
    So to get access online, I am in affect 'dialing up'.

    The PS3 is showing on my belkin DHCP Client List as being connected to the router.
    I will re-set and try again.

  • :( NO JOY
    (PS3 connects to router - just won't go online)

    I am thinking about switching off all of my computers and router, then resetting my PS3 factory settings. Reboot PS3 then switch router back on. Then see if the PS3 can connect automatically.

    BUT...... If I reset my PS3 to factory settings, will I loose all my saved game data? or does it just clear any 'settings'??

    ps.. I occasionally get a message on my PC advising me there is a IP conflict.
    Could this be why I can't get online with the PS3?

    On the PS3 settings - what code should go in the default router boxes? ?:?:?:?

    thanks Steelblue
  • That could well be a cause if your PS3 is trying to use the same IP address as one of your computers. What you should do is go into the router settings and try setting a custom IP address just for the PS3 (you'll need the MAC Address for this). This should be found in the same general area as the DHCP server in the router. When you have this set up add that IP address to the PS3's connection settings.

    Resetting to factory settings would delete your saves so if you do try this copy your saves to a thumb drive first.
  • Hi Lyndon,
    What an afternoon.... I'm PS3'd out!

    Yes, already have MAC address filtering on router - and using it for all my machines including the PS3.

    Doesn't the router asign a new IP Address each time something is switched on? The DHCP function is enabled on the router, giving 98 IP pooling address's. I think the IP conflict, is because I had assigned the PS3 the address which showed on the router DHCP client list yesterday!

    Today however...
    I used a ethernet cable directly into the WAN box.
    Of course the PS3 needs to dial the PPPOE account and give password. But when these details are entered, the error is IP Address incorrect.

    So, then I tried the 'easy' configuration and just clicked all the way through automatic. This time IP address is OK but still no internet.

    So no different to being wireless !!

    Any thoughts?
  • Hurrah!!

    Connected to internet!

    The DNS codes needed to be my ISP's DNS primary & secondary numbers. NOT THE numbers everyone kept on about.
    The defaul router code needed to be my the assigned IP address of the PS3 on the belkin router. !

    So, thanks very much. For all your help!

    Now, tried to download the 3.06 update, but it keeps dropping offline.
    Any thoughts (link) where this can be downloaded online to a USB stick and transfered to the PS3 please?

    Thanks again for your help
  • Good to hear things have worked out there, steel! B)

    As for the update, the latest version is 3.01. You should be able to get it from Sony's PlayStation Site directly to download to a USB thumb drive.