more watching than playing
  • For over an hour now i have sat and watched MGS4 instead of acctually playing it is this just taking the piss or what?
    Don't get me wrong it has got to be one of the best games Ive played so far but the cut scenes are just ridiculuos.
    everything i have red says you could play this without having played any of the other games and still no what the story is about,i disagree Ive played a couple of the past MGS games and i have no idea what is going on in in the story at all,i find it so confusing and rather annoying at times the flash backs are a pain i no you don't have to watch them but it's part of the game right.
    If you are not watching it you are waiting for it to install yet more waiting to play the damn thing.....but when you do get to finally play it is just great :) .rant over ;)
  • That's what metal gear solid is all about, It's not some crappy cheap no story run 'n gun game.
  • the thing is if i want to watch something i go out and buy a DVD not spend forty pounds on a game to spend most of the time watching it and not really have much of an idea of what it's going on about.
  • MGS has always been famous for long cutscenes.
  • I actually like the idea of only installing one part of the game for a temporary use. Saves more time and space i would assume then just waiting a freaken hour to get into the game.
  • they should hav made mgs a movie, it would be a top action movie, like wanted, the story is terrific
  • hahahahahahahaha yes of course it was aahahahahahahahaha
  • I had never played any of the other games and that was my problem with this one. Graphics great, game play solid, story line interesting. But if I have to watch Sunny fry any more eggs I'll shoot her myself. I don't want to miss anything cause I don't know the back story but a few places I would play for 15 minutes then watch an hour video. Now that I have beaten the game I can skip all that crap and just play it again. I beat it in 24 hours of game play and probably 8 of them were watching videos and loading the next Act.
  • Exactly, they should have made it a movie (they would have made more money on it also)
  • my first game on ps3 was COD4, and i was having trouble finding something that lived up to the graphics and game play. Metal Gear solid did, the graphics and everything I just didn't need the repeated history lessons. I guess they were going for an epic conclusion but i never played any of the other games and most of the sidestories and flashbacks were useless, except i didn't know they were until after watching them.
  • But they have improved on shadow moses (frm inside and outside)
  • killing of snake was a bad idea meryl's a sl*g, that blonde was a que*r they cant really go forward with it only backwards with flash back games or sommet.
  • I heard from a lot of people that Snake dies in MGS4, due to old age, but he doesnt die.(Also i have added you on PSN sfjp- accept it, my PSN is P_R_I_N_C_E)
  • Prince you need to watch the final video clips.
  • thank u for spoiling the game u should of put up an spoiler alert.
  • yeh i agree for those who havent played youve now wrecked it that was a pure gay move that mate round of aplause for mavadjdj
  • Relax, guys- he edited himself to remove the so-called "spoiler".
  • I apologize to those, except sfjp, who saw my post before i edited it, but i just figured that prince had posted incorrect info and i wanted to correct it. Sorry. i won't post again.
  • just playin mate its cool chill man look waht i wrote .
  • mavadjdj- PM me about what you wrote be4 you edited it plz.
  • i was the same mavadjdj i wanted something to top cod4 so i went for mgs4,but with all the loading the cut scenes which i also get abit confused by and rather bored with the game just drags on....i like the remark about sunny :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
    does she ever make them right in the end??? :D
  • does she ever make them right in the end??? :D[/QUOTE]

    Hope I don't get into trouble :redface: but yes, yes she does make them right, and like most of the videos it was way over the top in drama;)
  • boy she is annoying, with her eggs
  • How could you complain for something so trivial? COD is WAY different than MGS...If you played MGS for PSone then you should have known what you were getting into...sorry mate but That's my oppinion...I love MGS...extreme action then you relax watching the story unfold then BAM! more action to come...and it gives you time to grab a smoke...('t smoke!)

    And yeah...Sunny IS annoying as hell!