• Trine features three unique characters that you guide through its mystical world. You alternate between the Thief, the Knight and the Wizard in real time, using each character
  • Played the demo Wade and got to say wasn't overly impressed.

    Its very old school, very nice to look at but a relatively shallow experience.

    Of course the full game could be different, i have been wrong before, and will be again (just don't tell anyone!).
  • Well, I guess if we all liked the same types of games we'd all still have Tetris & Mario Brothers to choose from. :p

    But seriously, I find Trine to be a great game...and yes, pokerdon is correct in that it does indeed have a "old school" feel to it, but with the added twist of enhanced graphics, great sound and a terrific story, at least IMHO.

    For less than the cost of a pizza in most cities ($20), Trine delivers quite well.
  • I agree Wade, for the coin involved its a fair price, still not my cup of tea tho.

    I don't get much GAME cash these days so have to be picky with what i buy.

    Once Christmas in Canada is over i will have spare cash (he says with fingers crossed), as long as the cards don't get maxed!!!!!!