• For many years, I have tried to obtain a copy of the (prototype?) game "Killing Time" for the PS1. All I know is that "Killing Time" came bundled with a (then) new PS1 sold in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia where I was working at the time. Any help you can give me in obtaining a copy or finding out where I could buy a copy would be greatly appreciated.

    Yours sincerely
  • Only place I can see it possibly being available would be eBay.
  • Thank you, I've tried that with little succes but will keep looking. CheerZ
  • Check your PM as I found one for you but can not post a link to the site here.
  • Thanks, guys, for responding with some advice and a link to Amazon.com (thanks "Lucifer"). Unfortunately, the game I'm trying to find is not Killing Time 3DO (a la "Doom") but a cheezy, childish Disney-type fun puzzle game. You enter a haunted mansion through a swamp of ducks which fly off and enter a large door. Inside are various rooms and puzzles including hidden rooms and a basement swamp, as you get more advanced through the stages. As you go, you are attacked by zombies, ghosts, chickens (if I remember rightly) and other creepy crawleys. Hope this prompts someone's memory (it was released in Australia in about 1997).