Problems PS3 Internet Connection
  • Hey, I need help with my wireless connection. Everytime I try to connect to the internet, it says go to the settings and fix something, so I go there. But when I try to fix the internet settings, after I put in my WEP key, it keeps saying:

    The attemp to obtain the IP address timed out.
    The WEP key you entered may not be correct.

    I know for sure that the WEP key is correct so I have no idea whats wrong. Plz help.
  • Having a problem again...

    I get the error code (8002AD23) 30 minutes into playing and if i try and sign back in its gives me error code 80010201. I cant connect to the internet at all (even the internet browser doesnt work) unless i turn my ps3 off and on again. I've also noticed that when i get the first error code the light next to the ethernet port switches off. I think it's to do with my network and not the ps3 as a few days ago i had no problems for 3 days until now.Im using wired and have tried wireless but no difference and using a Belkin router. Any help would be appreciated!

    Oh and if i do an internet test it says it failed to obtain the IP
  • Hi Guy's. Cannot connect to PSN. Checked my internet settings, all succeded. Still cannot connect, even though i can surf the web check emails etc. Could this be my ISProvided capping my signal as i have reached my download limit?:(
  • More likely you should doublecheck your router settings (you are using a router, correct?). It is sounding like you need to do some port forwarding.
  • Thanks Lyndon. Tried connecting other ways, playstation store no bother, midnight club la online, no bother. The problem seems to be with "Grid" the game, wont let me connect,says no connection detected.
  • If it is just the one game the problem may be in their servers and not anything on your end at all. Try it later on and see if things go through.
  • Any idea whats wrong with my PS3? Does it need replacing? (post 203)
  • Spinter, have you tried checking with the router manufacturer's site for a firmware update for it? This may be all that is needed.
  • Thanks Lyndon. Eventually got on last night. :)
  • Hi,

    I've trawled through this thread and not found an answer to my problem, can anyone help please?

    Basically, I am connecting my PS3 through a wired connection into a Belkin N+ router. I have manually setup the IP address etc and opened all the relevant ports.

    I am able to connect when switching on the PS3, but after 3-5mins the connection drops and I get the 80010201 error that everyone seems to get. No matter what i do i continually get this message until i reboot and then the same thing happens again?

    I have setup a reserved IP which seems fine and even added my PS3 to the DMZ but with the same results.

  • As i mentioned up above, fatal, you may want to look for some upgraded firmware for your router over at Belkin's site.
  • Unfortunately it appears I have the latest version 1.00.23. There is a beta in pre-QA status at version 1.00.25 which i'm reluctant to try as yet, the things it lists as fixing are:

    an updated ADSL driver that improves ADSL sync speed on certain lines
    a problem with having more than 4 MAC addresses in the MAC address filter is solved
    a problem with very long pre-shared keys for WPA security is solved
    a problem with forwarding port 80 and using Remote Management at the same time has been solved

    Do any of those look likely candidates?

  • All I can really suggest then is try each solution and see if it helps. To be honest, I am not a fan of Belkin routers- seems like they are the most trouble to set up properly for use with the PS3.
  • Hey i havnt been able to sign in to my account lately ... my PSN isnt workin and i dont think it is becuz of my internet connection or router ... some of my friends have the same problem as well ..
    i can use the internet browser and surf internet on my ps3 but it seems that ONLY my PSN isnt workin ...

    any advice ?? :S
  • You won't know for sure until you try the various solutions, coldboy. Give your modem and router a reboot but don't restart the router until the modem shows normal lights.
  • Hey i finallly got it to work .... i had to contact my internet providers and they fixed the issue ... POST #215
    but now i have another problem ... i cant seem to pair (register) my bluetooth headset to my ps3 ... i have tried the automatic sync with the USB cable but my ps3 couldnt find it ... i also tried the wireless sync but it still didnt work ... my ps3 keeps tellin me SEARCHING PLEASE WAIT ... and then error 80121607 !!!
    P.S: i have the original PS3 headset and its fully charged ... and its not the first time i register a device... i was able to register some other bluetooth headset and it worked fine ... its just that i broke it and i bought this new one.... i realise this is not the main subject of this forum but i was hoping u could help me... we never know :)
    thanks :)
  • Finally got to the bottom of my connection problems...

    Turns out if I have my PC switched on when i switch on my PS3, after a few minutes my connection on my PS3 drops. If my PC is switched off when i switch on my PS3 my connection is fine!

    There must be a service or something on my PC that is interfering with the PS3 connection. At least i have a work around so i'm happy!

    Thanks for all the tips guys.
  • my ps3 is having problems connecting to the internet, half the time it will say it can't obtain the IP address. But occasionally when it does connect, it is really slow and only stays connected for a few minutes then gives me an error message, why is this?
  • my problem is i have optus pre paid broadband and net gear routor but im not sure how to obtain my ip adress
  • Hi everyone 1st post, having read through this thread ive been trying to sort out my little brothers ps3 to connect to the internet. Ive changed the wep key on the router to 'none' to try that, but now i cant connect to the internet with the laptop. Any ideas how I can get the laptop to connect to the internet? I want the laptop online while trying to sort out the ps3. I know its abit off topic but worth a try.

    Many thanks! Stu.
  • Thorpy, sounds like you need to either remove the WEP key from the laptop's settings or put the security back in place on the router (likely easier to do it in the router).

    When it comes to the PS3's connection, it is sometimes best to put as much information in as possible manually. When you are in the router settings make note of the DNS servers, Subnet Mask, router IP address and default gateway then edit these into the PS3's settings. You may also want to grab the PS3's MAC Address and set up a reserved IP address for it and add that in as well.
  • Thanks for the reply Lyndon. Ive read on this thread it may be a good idea to change the SSID and Wep Key on the router then input these on to the PS3. Im sure i can do this, but have you any idea how to change the laptop settings to look for the new wep key? thats what im struggling with really.

    Many thanks, Thorpy.
  • What i was thinking of is putting the original WEP key back in to the router. You would need to go into the Control panel and look for the Networking section (I'm using Windows 7 now, they call it "Network and Sharing Center" there.
  • Thanks for the quick response Lyndon. Yeah I understand what you meant in your first post to me, sorry if i was un-clear in my reply.

    I dont know the original wep key. I was going to try and change the wep key on the router so its easy to remember, then make the laptop look for the new wep key and go from there. Is that possible? hope that makes sense..

    many thanks again!!

  • Unfortunately it will not look for and automatically use that key, otherwise it would make the use of encryption pretty much useless if wanting to keep people from freeloading bandwidth/ getting in where they shouldn't. The key has to be entered in to the settings, no getting around it.
  • Thanks for the replys Lyndon. Ill give it a go, no doubt ill get stuck again!! ha.

  • Lyndon thanks for your help yesterday. Ive managed to get the PS3 and laptop on line now, and thanks to this thread really useful!

    The wireless router security was actually WPA-Personal so i just changed the password, found where the laptop settings were, changed them and now sorted.

    Then we tried the PS3 with the new WPA password and bingo! went straight through and online no worries! Only problem we had was it would not update the PS3 system with a wireless connection, so we tried a wired connection and it worked fine for the update. Went back to wireless and no problems!!

    I can now sleep at night, ha..

  • my ps3 is working fine but i can't get the internet to work. i go to network settings and click on the internet connection settings and click on easy. this is where i get stuck. when the checking network configuration comes up, it will not change from this. i have let it sit for an hour and the screen stays the same. i want to know why my ps3 will not change from this screen
  • Sometimes going Easy is the wrong thing to do as the PS3 sometimes has problems with detecting the settings it needs (usually if an older router). Try going with manually setting up the connection, adding in the router's IP address, subnet mask, dns servers, etc. and see what happens. You'll get all of this information in the router's settings.
  • hello, i just have questions about my connection that hopefully you can help me with. I haver been playing the modern warfare 2 gaem and it is hard for me to find a game quickly. I am always hearing abotu how xbox enters you right into a game as soon as you click on which game you wanna play. I have two ethernet cords attached from my router to my PS3 (because my router is in the basement and i play upstairs). Any suggestions how how i can have a better connection??
  • Hi, I'm on PS3 and my connection is fine untill someone else goes on the computor or the internet on their Ipod. I'm not sure what to do to change this, any suggestions ?
  • Sounds like your PS3 is getting kicked due to an IP address conflict. You'll need to get an IP address reserved for the PS3 in the router settings then add that into the PS3's connection set up.
  • hi my ps3 is wireless on a talktalk router and a have enterd the internet connection settings many a times and i have checked they are correct but when i click test connection it says it has failed to obtain ip adress:( can you help please????:)
  • You would need to use a separate router instead of trying to connect directly to Talktalk's device or try going with a wired connection.

    To be honest, I'm not overly familiar with Talktalk and the equipment they use (being in Canada tei service isn't available here) so you may also want to check out the forums on their site.
  • thanks ill give it a go
  • Hey Lyndon,

    I hope you can help me out here. My ps3 can go on the internet, but refuses to log me on psn, and i get a lot of different errors. Ive tried everything with my settings, but i think its my router/dsl that is the problem. I read something about ports earlier in the thread, so i want to know how i handle all that stuff.

    Your help would be appreciated :D
  • Nicolas, check out the pinned thread at the top of this section. We have the ports needed listed there along with a link to a site that guides on how to apply them.
  • Hi all,

    before I start explaining my problem, I must specify that everything was fine for the first 40 days of my new Playstation 3 small model of 120 G.

    Since yesterday, I am not able to connect to the internet anymore : the connection to the PSN doesn't work (the error code is not always the same) and I'm not able to surf on the internet neither, with the PS3 navigator. When I am doing the tests for checking the connection, almost all the time, it failed at the second step (connect to internet).
    My connection is WEP wireless through a router. My router is working well : I have no problems accesssing the net with my Nintendo Wii and my Laptop.

    Here's what I've tried :

    • Reconfigure my connection with my router with automatic settings : failed to get an IP
    • trying to connect with 2 OTHER routers in wireless mode which are not protected : failed to get an IP
    • trying to connect with an ethernet cable directly plugged into my router : failed to get an IP

    Also, connection speed has slowly decreased during the last days, and connecting to the PSN was getting slower and slower.

    I bought this PS3 in november 2009, so it's quite new. Before that, I had an older 60 G model dated from march 2007. It worked well for connections, I had to change it because the video card was starting to make fuzzy things in games like Assassin's Creed 2 (found some info on the net about this).

    My only guess is that I was unlucky and got a model with a bad network hardware card. Do you guys have any other suggestions about that kind of problem? I'm really thinking of sending it to repair for now.

    Thanks for your suggestions
  • Telliers, have you tried simply turning the power off to both your modem and router then reboot them after about 30 seconds? Do the modem first then once it shows normal operation power up the router again and power up the PS3.
  • Hi Lyndon,

    now that you mention it, I completely forgot to do that simple test, which sometimes gives good results. So I've done what you're suggesting at least twice. Unfortunately, it didn't work that time. Still no wireless connection.

    But... here's another interesting test I've made : I decided to plug my PS3 directly to my cable modem and bang! It works! Connection was successful both for the internet and PSN and speed was great to.

    Now, here's two other tests I've done:
    • I had the opportunity to try with the PS3 of one of my friends, which has the same small 120G model, as new as mine - same behavior : works well when directly connected, doesn't work at all when connected wireless with my router;
    • I've decided to give a go and make a test with my older PS3 (first 60G model) which I kept : it works! Wireless connection successful and good speed!

    So I guess it could mean that the new 120G PS3 model doesn't like something about my router.
    It's a Linksys, model WRT54G
    The settings are pretty much the default ones, except for the WEP security activation and I also deactivate the UPnP.

    The weird thing about all that is that it was still working before wednesday, but I admit that I never had a good stable connection with my new PS3. Sometimes it was OK, sometimes not.

    So, any other suggestions?

  • Maybe what you should do is first update the router's firmware (no doubt one is available at Linksys' site if you haven't done this for a while) and then I would try tweaking settings in both the router and the PS3. Maybe setting up a reserved IP address in the router then put that in the DMZ of the router as well as in the settings of the PS3. May want to go manual the rest of the way and also add in the router IP, subnet mask and DNS server settings in the PS3's connection set up.
  • Hi again,

    wow, that's a fast answer!

    I'm already doing what you said. I always worked with a manual setting with both of my PS3s. A fixed IP address put in the DMZ, and all other settings done manually (subnet, DNS, default router, MTU, etc.). In fact, I've wrote all that in a paper that I always kept.

    So I guess the only thing to do for now is trying an update of my router, which I effectively never made since I bought it (march 2006)...
  • hello just brought my ps3 today and im really stuck i have ip adrees succesful then the problem internet connection failed :(. im on livebox orange thing modem or router help ! :) plz and i dont want to change router i have to use this 1
  • My internet is connected to the ps3 but when i do the connection test, it says i obtained the IP adress but right after it says the internet connection has failed (80028E06)

    p.s. i have a wireless router
  • If you are using encryption on the router make sure you have the correct type selected on the Ps3 and that you have the "key" entered correctly.

    You may also need to check the port forwarding (listed in the very top thread of this section) or even try a firmware update of the router itself.
  • Hi there,

    Im having problems with the playstation network side of things. Monday I could access PSN no problem, Tuesday came and it has not worked ever since although I am getting the Ip adress obtained and and internet connection successful but it comes up as failed with playstation network in the test connection area. I tried to restore all the default settings but I dont think I done any favours for myself as it still does not work

    Anyone able to lend a hand so I can rectify the situation please? :)


  • Graeme, you may want to go into your router settings and make sure everything is set up as it should be regarding port forwarding. This may be where you are running into problems. Check out the first thread in this section for the ports needed and, after applying the ports, you may need to give the router a reboot.
  • Ok Ill give that a bash and get back to you asap
  • I have a strange problem with connecting to the playstation network. I use wireless and the internet and my other computers work perfectly fine. However, I go through periods of time when my playstation won't let me sign in to the network, citing network problems. When I do the network test it inevitably says it failed to get my IP address. But then sometimes it will work and everything will be fine in connecting, but recently I've had to wait longer and longer before it can magically connect for some reason. This is extremely frustrating as sometimes it will work and sometimes it refuses to connect for no apparent reason. Is there anything that can be done? Any help would be great.
  • First off, how far away is the router from your PS3? The wi-fi card in the PS3, it seems, doesn't seem to pick up the signal quite as well as it should when compared to things like your laptop. It's possible moving it closer (or even going with a wired connection) would solve the issue.
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    First off, how far away is the router from your PS3? The wi-fi card in the PS3, it seems, doesn't seem to pick up the signal quite as well as it should when compared to things like your laptop. It's possible moving it closer (or even going with a wired connection) would solve the issue.

    It'd be about 15-18metres away through two walls. A friend suggested a Wireless Universal Repeater. Would this work? When connected, it generally says the signal strength is 55%
  • dear ps3 team

    is it possible to use a usb device to connect to the internet if so could you tell me how. the reason im asking if you can use a usb device is because i have entered the correct details on the ps3 system and it isnt working and after i test the connection it says a that a connection could not be established check connection settings plz help :D :D :D :D
  • Sorry, dapatty, but no- the PS3 will not recognize an internet connection coming in through its USB port. You'll need to connect to the modem directly via ethernet cable or connect the same way (or wirelessly) to a router.
  • okay, ive got this problem, i connect to the internet fine, i start to play the game and then suddenly about 10 minutes into play ( sometimes before, sometimes after, completely randomly ) the connection will be 'interrupted' as it says and the game will either freeze or glitch...and eventually i will be disconnected from the game running it through a router from my computer ( wired ) and ive had the same problem playing computer games also....but it used to work fine, then suddenly it didnt

    hopefully you can help me out, very frustrating

    ** edit **.......when it freezes it logs me out of the server and it says ' server connection timed out'....and this problem ONLY happens on both computer games when playing ONLINE against other people.
  • would the problem be in router perhaps??? and would buying a new one prevent this connection interruption....and i got new wireless phones, would the switch of phones screwed up the connection??

    i have cable internet
  • I recently bought a ps3 and my Internet has been giving my difficulty. I have a wired connection but every time I go to download updates it downloads about halfway and then my Internet shuts off. I have no problem with my Internet until I try updating and have tried several thing with no luck PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
  • Easy E, I would suggest grabbing the download via your computer and stashing it onto a USB thumb drive. You can get the latest firmware update directly from Sony's site- just follow their directions on how to set up the folders on the stick and, when you go to System Update, use the second option and it will install straight from the stick.
  • I can't get my playstation to connect to the internet. It says that it times out while obtaining the IP address. My wireless router works fine on all the laptops in the house, but it doesn't connect to the PS3. Im using an airport extreme to connnect, not sure if this has anything to do with the problem but hey, its there.
  • Blue, go into your airports settings and follow these instructions:

    There is a section called Access control. hit the plus sign and then in the ID field put the MAC address of your PS3. Remember to also put in the MAC address of any computer that acceses that airport. Restart your base station and then you'll be able to get on line wirelessly.
  • Hi i have connected my ps3 with my wireless router. it worked great the first time for several hours. The next day i wont connect and tells me that the attempt to gain ip adress failed or timed out. i dont think it is my internet because i have 100% signal and my laptop works fine as well. any ideas? Thanks
  • Brannigan, try giving your router a quick power cycle. You'll maybe want to edit some settings as well, putting the PS3's MAC Address in the router's allowed devices list should help along with setting up a reserved IP address.
  • Hey

    When i purchased my ps3, i set the connection and every thing seemed fine until yesterday, i was on line playing COD MW2 and then it just signed me out of the network, i tryed to sign back and it kept on saying i had a dns error.

    Ive got an ethernet cable connected to the console and my modem, when i put in the ip address and the dns servers primary and secondary it said
    ip address: Succeeded
    Internet connection: Failed

    my internet seems to be running perfectly fine or else i wouldn't of typed this
    help please i just want to get back on cod :D
  • CodGod, give your router and modem both a reboot. Then, go into the router settings to find your actual DNS numbers and edit these into your PS3's connection settings along with the router's IP address and the subnet mask. Save the settings and you should be good to go.

    I would also doublecheck the port forwarding to make sure nothing is out of place there.
  • How do i give my modem a reboot?(Sorry im bad at these stuff)
    ive got my dsn numbers and i have placed them manually and everything seems to be in place but its saying ip:succeeded, Internet connection: failed i cant even go on the ps3 browser forget about the ps3 network and where are the port forwarding?
  • The modem reboot is a simple matter of pulling the power out of it for 30 seconds or so then plug it in again.

    The port forwarding would be done in your router settings, accessed on the computer (you do have a router sharing the connection, don't you?). We have the ports listed in the very first thread of this section of the forums.
  • oh yes i have tryed that, and ive checked the port forwarding i juts think its the matter if my router is working, im going to get a new one and tell you if it works then.
  • hey man i need some help
    im using verizons actiontec mi424wr router to connect my ps3(wireless connection) . it has been working flawlessly until several weeks ego when connection to ps network and ea servers (i play fifa10 mosltly) become very unstable. even when im able to log in , i get disconnected during gameplay or at best i get to play very unresponsive game. any advice on how to improve my connection . ty
  • I would first try giving the router a power cycle (unplug the power for 30 seconds or so then plug in again) and check for updated firmware for the router.
  • ok here's the deal.

    I am a huge fan of call of duty: modern warfare 2!! lately my system has been acting up. first it started with the vhs cord(or so i thought) changed the cord now i get a tracking of bright and dark lines going up my tv. but whatever i learned to deal with it. next the connection became a problem.(can't learn to deal with that 1):( it started with only having 3 bars of connection. now it cuts in and out.(approx. 2 and a half min. between in and out.) i've done the forwarding. (still can't play full game of mw2) i've power cycled. (still no mw2) i'm getting a little frustrated and already have plans for the next nuke!!:) i'm on a hard line and figured it should be faster than wireless am i wrong????

    plz help i can't live like this!!!
  • "VHS cord"? Are you hooked up through a VCR or something?

    As for the connection, have you checked to see if the router may have some newer firmware available from the manufacturer? Anything else running on the computer that may be sucking up bandwidth such as a bit torrent download?
  • Please anybody help me!!!!
    I made a wired connection and make an account..and when i test the connection it gets ip address and the internet connection but failing in playstation network..what's the problem? and how can i fix it?
  • Ok, recently i have been having problems with my internet connection.
    Whenever i start up my playstation, it refuses to sign me in.
    i go to my network settings, check the list, and see that it is connected with a (average) 50% connection strength.
    i go to the internet connection test tab, and find that everything says 'successful'.
    I then go to sign in and after about 5 minutes, i get the message:
    'an error occured during communication with the server, this is a DNS error'.
    or more recently:
    'an error has occurred. you have been sign out of the playstation network (81710D23)
    my internet was working perfectly fine a few weeks ago, and was happily signing me into the playstation network with a signal strength around 30%. I don't know why it won't work now. My computor works perfectly fine playing online games, and so does my laptop.
    I use a wireless router in my house, but i don't want to move it closer to my playstation and make it wired befoire i understand why it isn't working now, when it was before.
    Simply, do i need a new router? or is there something else i can do?
    thanks, and sorry for the long post.
  • Hey! :D

    I'm having a really low connection on my ps3 ( one bar on MW2 on ps3), while my computer got full connection (5 bars on MW2 on pc).. I have a D-link DIR 655, and thats a pretty good router. I've tried connecting to my ps3 with cable and wireless, but no good results with any of these methods. I bought my ps3 for 2 weeks ago.

    What to do? Please help me!! I really wan't to play online with friends without bad connection, its frustrating!! :P
  • Hi everyone! I
  • If you are absolutely sure it isn't a typo in the WPA key you give the PS3 you may want to try bumping the router encryption to WEP and set up a new key then try it (you would need to change setting on the computer as well to let it back online).
  • Hi. Well the thing is I`ve been getting the error 8001000A when I attempt to connect to the internet on my PS3. My computers and lap tops are able to connect so I am quite perplexed. Could it be because of the recent 3.40 update that I performed? I tried resetting to the factory default settings and even reconfigured my router but it connects for like about 20 seconds and then I see the green light no more. Any help would be very much appreciated please T_T
  • this is probably a pretty simple fix but im stumped. if im streaming movies through netflix with my ps3... my laptop will connect for about 30 sec and then i cant access the internet. if i stop the steaming movie through the ps3, my internet magically comes back. I have reset the router, reset the password, and reset the connection settings on the laptop. none have worked. got ne ideas?
  • The only thing that can be done is go to a provider that gives you more bandwidth. The video stream is taking all that you have available. I had the same problem with downloads on my PS3 doing this while I was using 1.5 Mb/ sec DSL. Since the switch to cable (and a potential 15 Mb/ sec) no such problems now.
  • i have the same problem it keeps on sayin error 80710092 it suceeds on the obtain ip adress but not the internet connection i have got a new router still says the same thing wat can i do
  • im trying to connect to my internet but its sayinh that the attempt to obtain an IP address timed out.. but this is the only time it happened and i cant connect. can someone help me?
  • Shane, check the router settings and compare to what you have set up on the PS3- you may need to make some minor adjustments to match up DNS servers.

    Incubus, give your modem and the router a reboot (unplug the power for 30 seconds or so then plug them back in).
  • So, I can't believe nobody has posted this yet. I had a PS3 purchased from I spent 2 weeks, numerous hours with Sony PS3 support, and never got the wireless internet connection setting working. I also spent numerous hours doing every single fix on all of these websites (this one and others) doing DNS changes, resetting routers 500 times etc. I checked to make sure that other PS3 owners who were able to connect on the 2 redundant wireless routers that I own. Never, in 2 weeks was I able to connect my PS3 to either of my routers. Please don't ask if I entered in the password wrong - over 2 weeks of frustration, resetting passwords (one of the many fixes), etc, you can be sure I was entering the passwords correctly. Either way, I found a pretty knowledgeable Sony rep who has heard of this and been through it before, and he could never find a solution for me. So, I returned the PS3.

    Just out of curiosity, while I was at the Best Buy the other day, I thought I'd but another one just for kicks. Plugged it in, and what do you know - the thing connected immediately. It's been 3 days now and every time I turn on the TV, I boot up the PS3 and check the internet connection and sure enough it's connected.

    I'm not going to claim that this is 100% a Sony PS3 problem, nor will I claim that this will fix the problem for anyone else. My suggestion is that everyone take a day or 2 and go through the fixes on these forums - apparently they do work sometimes. However, when all else fails, just go get a new unit. In my case, I'm 100% confident that my original unit was faulty even though it did everything else perfectly (game, connect to wired internet, good resolution, etc...).

    I'm just posting this since nowhere on any PS3 forum did I find anyone who said, "yup, some PS3 units just don't work." I'm here to tell you that my original unit did not, and and my second unti came right out of the box and connected perfectly.

  • b4 my internet used to be fine and after i had to restart my router then i could play for like 3-4 hours now when i restart my router i can play for 5 min online and then i get looged out of the game and my internet just shuts down i have an ip address but the internet wont work SOME1 PLZ HELP I ONLY HAD MY PS3 FOR LIKE A WEEK NOW :( HELP
  • Hey guys, i recently went up country and have got a new Bigpond modem router thingy, when i go to Network settings i get the IP and Internet connection, just no Playstation Network connection. Please help
  • Hey there Forum. I'm (obviously) having a problem with my PS3 internet connection so thought I'd come here. I have my SSID, WPA-PSK/WEP (It works for both), and WPA Key correct but when I test the connection, it comes up one of three things. 1: "The connected to the IP has timed out" 2: "The SSID wasn't recognized" (Which I've been using since I first moved in) 3: The key information timed out. The WPA Key you entered may not be correct." (Which it is). It's been over a week of trying this over and over again and I can't figure out what is wrong.

    Thanks in advance ! :D
  • I am yet another disgruntled ps3 user who cannot connect to the net w/ their wireless connection. I have already been on the phone w/ time warner and made sure the connection was correct and working (ssid, WPA key etc) the ps3 does a connection test and tells me i am connected - yet i cannot perform a system update nor can i even watch netflix - i can't download updates for games or anything. What gives? i feel like we spent $500 on all this stuff and are getting about $250 worth of use out of all of it.
  • Oodles, you may need to go into your router settings and set up port forwarding. We have the ports listed in the "Getting your PS3 Online - Some Tips" thread at the top of this section.
  • i have a ps3 and twc internet....when i plug the to my lab top i have no problems with my internet...but will not connect to my ps3
  • Flipz, if you are just pulling the ethernet cable from your computer and swapping into the PS3 make sure to unplug the power to the modem first.

    To be honest, you should consider a router to share the connection and avoid having to do the cable swap all the time.
  • Hi I am trying to connect to my router and it keeps saying it can't Because my IP address is Private only.:(
  • You have your router set up so that only certain systems can get in. What you need to do is set up a reserved IP address for the PS3 and add this to the "white list" your router has. You'll need to look this up in the manual as the method varies from model to model of router.
  • Could it be because I keep switching the router off.
  • When i am connecting to the internet on my ps3 i go to settings go through all the steps carefully complete it but at the very end of the setup it says my ip Adress has timed out? how can i fix this , please help :(
  • Best way I've found is to reserve an IP address for the PS3 using its MAC Address (which can be found by going to System Information in the System Settings portion of the PS3's menu). You'll then find the spot in your router to set this up, save that and edit in the IP address you selected into the PS3's own settings.
  • ca anyone tell me what error code 80029020 means....Is it low band width? and could this be the reason i can not get into rooms when i play COD black ops it keeps saying searching for match and if i piggy back someone i lag so bad i cant play...any help would be great
  • You pretty much have it, that code means the connection timed out. It could be due to low speed or your connection to the router (if using one) is too low to use effectively.

    For the moment I suggest getting your router and PS3 closer together and maybe check for firmware updates for the router from the manufacturer's site.
  • Hey guys, I cant seem to fix this myself so I thought I would ask you guys. I cant seem to get a solid connection to the Playstation Network. I get booted out of home every few minutes by the F13 error, and everytime I try and play a game (black ops for instance) I just get a constant connection interupted message and I lag so bad I cant do anything. I never fully disconnect from the network and I can send/recieve messages without any problems but I cant do anything else! Ive reset my internet multiple times and its always running at 80-100% signal strength anyways (Im using a Linksys E3000 router). All the computers and other devices are working fine on the same connection so it cant be my internet. Its been like this for over a week now and ive tried everything I can think of. Please help!!!!
  • Having a bit of a problem with my wired internet connection on my ps3 (ethernet cable from modem to ps3). For some reason I keep getting that annoying Msg. The attempt to obtain an IP address timed out.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Ace, usually it means the PS3 isn't able to get all the info it can automatically. Try editing in the information from your router into the PS3's settings (router IP address, subnet mask and DNS Addresses) to smooth things out.
  • Thanks for that tip, looks like I might be a step closer. With that info you provided I was able to get passed that annoying IP msg, unfortunately this time its saying that my internet connection failed. Really sorry to bother you just kind of anxious to get it all hooked up.
    Thanks again.

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