Ninja Gaiden Sigma
  • I know this is probably the stupidest question but i guess im bad at games because i cant figure this little thing out.In Ninja Gaiden 3 im at this part where it saids door is lock and i dont know how to get passed it,its like the first level and its a brown wooden door outside,i dont know if you need a key or what.PLEASE HELP ME!!
  • You may want to recheck which game this is, uofmmido- there is no Ninja gaiden 3 (other than on the old NES) and the newer Ninja Gaiden games have only gone to 2 yet. Is this the original Ninja Gaiden Sigma you are playing?
  • oh my god,im sorry.yeah its sigma.its looks like a number 3 behind the title so i assumed it was part 3,but yeah its Ninja Gaiden Sigma,thankyou.
  • No prob- I've corrected the title as well as moved to the right section.

    The door you are at needs a key. You should have retrieved the "Fangs of the Samurai" item at this point. Get back to the storage hall where you found a statue at the back end. Place the fangs on the statue to get the key you need.
  • Alright i got it,thanks a lot for all the help,really appreciate it,and sorry for all the mistakes.