• Hi my name is Mark and I'm from Exeter in the UK. I have bought a PS3 for my son for Christmas and am having problems with setting up accounts and would be very grateful for some advice. I have set up a main account for me and a sub account for my son. My problem is every time i try to log on to my son's sub account from the sign in on the main menu, it says that i cant log in using another users id (Email Address), although I created it for my son. Would be grateful for some advice please.
  • Welcome to AP GRECIAN2009!!

    In regards to the problem you are having, I will a tips to try...if it does not help, wait until Lyndon reads the post as he will more than likely be able to help you further.

    Anyway, are you using the same e-mail address for both accounts? If you are that may account for the reason it gives you the log-in error message.
  • Hi thanks for responding, no I'm using two different email accounts
  • Just a quick thought,have you signed off your account first before you try and sign into your sons?