The Meaning Of The Error Messages!!! IMPORTANT
  • What I am going to do here is attempt at creating a listing of known error codes for the PS3 and the PS3 network. The idea is there will be a master list where people can go to see what the code means before they try to talk to Sony support.

    So if you know some that I did not show PLZ message me so I can edit them to the thread....;)

    0710102 - DNS Error; No DSN server available.

    8001050B - Will not play demo hard drive games, when blue-ray disc is inserted - Cause unknown

    80010510 - Will not play hard drive games - Cause unknown

    8002AD3D - Cannot Log into PSN - Is the PSN down? Try manually configuring your PS3 IP info. Try disabling medai server connection in the PS3.

    8002b241 - DVI has no audio.

    80028EA5 - Unknown

    80029023 - Exchanging Key Information exchange has timed out

    80029024 - The attempt to obtain an IP address has timed out

    80029564 - Downloaded Game will not install - Cause unknown

    8002F997 - Can not update XMB firmware

    8003051E - Game will not Save

    80031150 - System Settings Fail to Save - Possible Blue Screen "Setting information is corrupted.Press the x button to repair and restore default"

    80130203 - PS3 connects to internet but not to network - Typically means that the required ports are not open to connect to store but PS3 can connect to internet.

    80710092 - "An error has occured. you've been signed out from the ps network" - (connection dropped?)

    80710102 - PS3 Cannot connect to the router with current IP information - Try rebooting your router

    80710541 - The connection to the server timed out.

    80710B23 - PS3 Network is Down or PS3 Network is too busy to respond.

    8002ABOB -
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