red blinking light please help
  • when you touch the button to cut the power on it acts like it starts then the light turns yellow for an instant then the unit shuts off and does nothing .then the light blinks red .Has anyone had this problem and found how to fix this or does it have to be serviced? if anyone has had this problem serviced,what was the service technician's diagnosis of the problem ? please inform me !
  • That is sounding a bit unusual. This happens just when shutting off using the power switch on the system, you say? What sort of process does it do if hitting the PS button and shutting off from that menu?
  • no ,the switch is on but when i use the touch button it does this !
  • I am talking about the touch button on the front of the system. Is that the one you are using or shutting off via the controller?
  • it happened to me b4 i had to send it in to sony it costed me 160 dollars but they just sent me a new one with a new hd
  • I think you are going to have to send it to sony again it happened to me. its the YLOD.