No Color with games or DVDs
  • I just bought a new flat screen lcd tv for my son and now his ps2 only plays
    disc in black and white. Any ideas?
  • Are the tv and the PS2 both for the same region? What hook up are you using to get the PS2 on there?
  • Hi Wuzzy.I Found a way for you:D .Perhaps,The Display format of your son's disks are NTSC and the TV is PAL.
    This is what you do:
    1.Check the Display format of The Disks And the TV(If the Disks are PAL,The TV MUST be PAL)
    2.Check the Tuner&Display hardware of the TV
    3.Check the Hardware of the PS2
    4.If your TV is SONY or LG or PANSONIC,A problem is with the TV or PS2 or Both;Cause these TVs,support,Both NTSC&PAL Display format.
    IF,You see my tips don't work;send me a private message.
    Good wishes for you,And your Son