Who is your favorite video game character?
  • [b]My favorite Non playable character is Sephiroth( I know you get to use him for 30 seconds but that doesnt count.
  • The obvious answer for me would my boy..the one and only..Cloud Strife.

  • My favourite game character has to be the one man army himself...have you guessed yet?? Well if you haven't it's Solid Snake, he's just so cool and one hell of a shot with a hand gun - in my control he is :D
  • [b]I thought Tidus was to much of a baby who whins and crys to much.
  • Have to agree with ya on that one Evil, Solid Snake is one hell of a character. The "one-man-army" gets my vote simply 'cause he is alot like my favorite comic book character. If your wondering who that is just look at my avatar. Always leaned towards realism when playing a game instead of fantasy.

    EDIT: Figured I should edit this since I have changed my avatar. My favourite comic book character is The Punisher.
  • Does it include any console cause I love Link of Zelda on Nintendo64 as he is good at fighting and can look good in the same type of clothes he wore as a kid when he's a teenager.

    But in Playstation caracters it's a hard choice as I like FF8 Squall, He's a Cool fighter (like all FF hero's) and I like DOA Tina She's a bit like me tough mostly and she can be a Lady when she needs to be.

  • My favourite gaming character would be Squall from FF8 because he resembles a certain side of me, although not exactly.
    Snake is also a cool character.I like his style.
  • Mine would be Cloud (of course) I really like Zell so he would have to be my 2nd fav character then would come link from Zelda. Well see you all around
  • Mine is Reno and Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII.
  • I like Raziel from Soul Reaver and I like Kain, too.
  • My favorites are Squall Zidane and Squall. :)
  • Lets see;

    Lara - well isnt it obvious!!!!!
    Jill Valentine, coz she gets to run around raccoon city fighting zombies in just a miniskirt and boob tube, now thats a gal!!!

    and Maria from silent hill 2, coz shes a tease like me! :P
  • Bonk (Turbographx-16) I loved playin' that little caveman!!!
  • Mine would be solid snake, he so tough and powerfull!!! My 2nd would be lara croft because she is one tough lady!!
  • Mine would have to be Ness off of SSBM!
  • Well I aways like Croc because he was so darn cute.
    I always liked Squalls character from FF8.
    Also I like Leon from RE2
    And I like Jin from the tekken3,tag,and4.
  • the main guy from GTA3 :thumbsup:
  • [b] i like fue-lue he is one of the strongest in breath of fire IV i say he is one of the coolest to
  • [b]MAXIMO, oh yeah ! he is by far the coolest character.
  • My fav character is a toss up between Zidane and Solid snake.
  • Mine is Silent Guy from GTA 3 (the character you play) He says about 1 sentense in the whole game. And hes clothes are cool. He lives by hes own rules shoots ,runs over and has sex with pros. You can't be like him in real life you will put away for life(or worse).

    other favs are: El Burro (GTA 1) he was scarry, Satan (Messiah on PC), Kyle Katton (Dark Forces, Jedi Knights PC), Duke Nukem, Venom (Spiderman for PSX)he was funny and The Cyberdemon from Doom and Doom 2 (it gave me nightmares. I still jump when I hear his roar).

  • I'd have to go with Kain, or Rikimaru from Tenchu
  • I'll go with Mr Duke Nukem, the most un-politically correct charechter to grace the game world. Top stuff :thumbsup:

    "I like a good cigar & a bad woman" :thumbsup: The Duke
  • [quote]I'll go with Mr Duke Nukem, the most un-politically correct charechter to grace the game world. Top stuff
  • Solid Snake is my Fav, hasnt this thread been done before?
  • my favourite character would be Lara Croft, then Yuna off ff10!!!!!!! :D
  • Solid Snake...he reminds me of Clint Eastwood, James Bond, and Rambo in one character...
  • My fav video game character is Samanosuke Akechi... Why? I don't know I just like his own way of thinking...
  • Honestly...I cant say! Every RPG i have played i accumulate more and more favorite characters. Currently, i am designing a computer theme of an RPG montage. As soon as i learn how to zip it and everything. Also, im in the progress of making a Xenogears strategy FAQ on how to make easy money and EXP in the second Disk. I have to say that i like everyone.
  • Now that i really think about it i cant really say which one is my favorite.heres a few i can think of
    cloud strife
    gabe logan
    all the characters from bouncer
    many more
  • My favorite would be Jack Wade from Head Hunter which is a pretty new game. he looks cool with his glasses! B) B)
  • Oh cmon! I'm suprised that only 1 person even remotely agreed with me: my favorite character is a tie between Auron and Kimahri. I mean, you can' beat their attitudes!
  • I would have to say Sonic, wouldn't I? I like Parker from Red Fraction, Duke Nukem is one of my favs and cloud from ff7!!
  • I have a tie for my favorite character: between Auron from FFX and Citan Uzuki from Xenogears. B)
  • My favourites are Dante, Lara, Duke nukem & Snake, but of course the best has got to be Rincewind from disc world.
  • My all time favourite will have to be Rikku from FF10. She is so lively and cute. :lol:
  • i guess i like squall, zidane and tidus.
    with the girls, i like Rinoa the best coz she's very pretty!
  • my favorite video game character is none other than.........The guy off of grand theft auto 3!!!
  • squall,hands down
  • I would have to say either Snake or Hworang the Tae Kwon Do guy from Tekken Tag, he looks kinda fruity but he doesn't mess around when hes fighting.
  • I don't have a specific favorite but here are a few,Solid snake kicks booty,sonic(classic),and believe it or not Alucard from the castlevania series.Symphony of the night happens to be one of my all time favorite cames. :)

  • MY FAVORITE CHARETER IS nemisis on re3
  • I said it before and I'll say t again: Crash Bandicoot!, with his wumpa fruit eating ways, he'll never cease to rule!

  • My favorite is unboubtedly the person who converted me from super nintendo to playstation. Take looks, class, balls(I'm sorry but I don't know whether or not I can use that term), intellegence, and complete controlability and you have Lara Croft.

    I didn't think that was a profane word, to any offended I most humbly appologize. B) :(
  • My favorite charachters are Jamie Thomas from THPS2 and Hwoarang from Tekken3.
    I guess I like em cus they have a lot of room for my own personality in them.
    My absolute favorite charachter with a personality of his/her own is Quina from FFIX, I clapped my hands every time she/he had something to say.
  • I thought Ico was a pretty cool character. And what a game to! Nintendo could learn a lot from that. The flaws in 'Ocarina of Time' were the dungeons. Ico has dungeons sorted.
  • I think that dante from devil may cry on the ps2 is one of the best - sill there is one problem with the game itself, and that is that it is to short.

    And my 2nd favorite would be snake from metal gear solid 2 - this game has the same problem as DMC.
  • Mine would be Tidus or Yuna(ar ba then).Anyway,yuna got big boobies hehe++++ :unsure:
  • I have 3 favorite characters. I named them in order from most favorite to least favorite:

    1. Solid snake, He is cool in dangerous situations and has more attitude.
    2. Tommy Vercitti from GTA Vice city, Bad ass mother F****, and funny comments!
    3. The no-named character from GTA 3, Just as bad ass as vircitti, but if he had a voice he would have been #2
  • Well, i'm pretty sure i posted in this thread already but after finishing my last game, Gungrave, i have decided to change my vote to Death: Beyond the Grave......and yes that is his name. He's the main character and one bad@ss one at that. Who else has a coffin with THAT much heavy artilery packed into it? Anywho, the game is short(beat it the first time in 2 hours) but the story, characters, and everything about this game r0x0rs. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Ryu and Drizzt.
  • Top of my list would have to be Lara Croft & Dante! They both kick serious butt but obviously in different ways!

    Abe is another of my favourite characters - he is so sweet!
    Raziel - another kick-@ss mofo!
    :P :P :P
  • dante, jill valantine and claire redfield!
  • Mine is Dr.N.Cortex from Crash Bandicoot.
  • Mine would be:
    Cage from Mortal Kombat 4
    Hwoarang from Tekken Tag
    Ethan from AirBlade
    The Custom Skater from THPS4 :lol: Lol.
  • One of my absolute favs was and still is Tommy Vincetti I mean how can you go wrong with that in GTA 3 you just cause caos and in Vice City you run the mob. Solid Snake, and having the call sign "Kahuna" in SOCOM are my other two favorites.
  • mine would be Dante! both his games are way cool!!! and if the show CowBoy Beebop were a game Spike would over whelm all!!!! :D

    See ya later :ph34r:
  • I think one of my all time favorite characters is B.J. Blazkowicz from the Wolfenstein series. How much cooler can you get than a dude who takes on Nazi's by himself on their own turf and kicks their butt? :o
  • My favorite video game character is Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.
  • i would have to say my fav. 3 characters in order would have to be.

    cloud ff7
    drizzt dark allaince
    jamie tomas thps
  • mine would be sephiroth (he's awesome!), auron, cloud, squall, blackrose, red XIII, vincent valentine, cid (ffVII), magus, and lynx. oh wait! i still have 1 million and 1 left to go! lol :lol:
  • I think Auron is great! And Yuna is strong in her own way! But I also like Jecht (I hear gasps of astonishment). He is so under valued! But he gave up his life to help others, and look how it turned out! :( The poor bloke! I also like Cloud, Zidane and Dagger! (Icould go on forever :D but I won't)!
  • I guess mine would have to be gex from gex enter the gecko...a smart mouth gecko that dont take nothin from no one.
  • Ryu from any of the BoF games he can turn into a dragon need I say more
  • My favourite video game character. I do believe that these characters are Cloud, Tommy Vercetti and Ryu from the BoF series.
  • no mater what games you play you cant deny the emense greatnes of ff8 and squall B)
  • Well I relly like Fei Fong Wong of Xenogears.... I like his like . I think he have the same attitude as me...
  • Without question... The Soul Reaver Raziel and his best buddy Kain. They remind of Felix and Oscar. They disagree on everything, and quibble about more, yet they both share the same goal.
  • i would have 2 go w/snake or sam fisher
  • Originally posted by nexes@Apr 10 2003, 01:39 AM
    no mater what games you play you cant deny the emense greatnes of ff8 and squall B)

    Greatness? Yes...he's so great...so great that he's sooo incredibly boring!

    All Hail Squall...the bringer of Bordem.
  • That's a tough call, I'd have to go with Tidus,Squall,Cloud and of course Otacon.
  • itz gota be sephiroth for my non playable char and for my playable ummm anima i dont know wether that counts as a playble charecter but u use her in battle
  • I would say all the male characters of the legend of dragoon.they are Dart,Kongol,King albert,lavits,lloyd and haschel.i like them because that is my favorite game and the girls are weak exept rose.
  • unplayable would have to be Lord Cao from Kessen II
    playable is Blade
  • hmph....well, it's Scissorman. Daniel Barrows (or his twin, Bobby Barrows). ANYONE from Clock Tower, really, but Scissorman, of course...AND MR. BATES. If I HAD to chose ONE, it would be that aweome bitch Bates. None other (see my name). :2cool: Of course i love Metal Gear and Final Fantasy and Lunar and the RE series and oh hell yeah Castlevania...from that, it'd be Alucard and Simon, and from Lunar, Ghaleon, OF COURSE...well, this could go on forever, i'll quit now
  • The game sucks but I like the character. Its the atittude. Hero, gundam. But my all time favorite is vincent of ff7.
  • I have A Few,

    Christof From Vampire
    Edwin From Baldur's Gate 1&2
    Viconia From B.g. 1&2 (Shes So Hot!!!):drool:
    The Mighty Boo From B.G. 1&2
    Morte The Talkin' Skull From Planescape: Torment and his Cameo in Fallout Tactics
    Dagger From FF 9
    Vincent From ff7
  • Resident Evi: Jill Valentine
    jus cuz she has an exellent bod and nice weapons.

    Dino Crisis: Regina
    because she is tougher and more PRESERVED than Jill Valentine. But i still like Valentine better.

    Metal Gear Solid: Snake, Sniper Wolf, Mei Ling.
    Snake because he is SOO much like me, i can relate to him a lot. Sniper because she was one of those character you HAVE To be careful with. Mei Ling because her accent is just cute, and she is cute herself, aslo she is smart.

    FF(all of them): Sephiroth, Squall, Rinoa.
    Sephiroth? because his name is cool, and he resembles my dark side (even though i dont kill people). Squall? just because i can relate to him too, hes like me when im like in that mood, which i am often. Rinoa? because at first i thought her name was Riona. I like Rinoa because she cute, human, and has some nice assets herself.

    Well, i think that GUY from street figher, KYO (avatar), Kasumi and Hitomi as well as Blue mary and Mai.

  • I like JLo but this is video games, then I like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and Sonya from Mortal Kombat.
  • I like zelda from zelda: the windwaker! he rocks!

    :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • Zelda is a girl and she is not on windwaker, i think you mean Link. Anyway, my fav video game char is prolly Kite from .Hack now that ive played them.
  • Oops! Sorry! Yeah links.

    Gamerguy! What is it with you and .hack??!! It seems it's the only game you like!
  • Originally posted by GamerGuy@Jun 1 2003, 08:15 PM
    Zelda is a girl and she is not on windwaker.

    Actually she is in wind waker.Terra turns out to be her in one part of the game.
  • ive gotta say ether Sam Fisher(splinter cell) or Link(zeldaTWW)
  • I would have to say my Favorite characters would be :

    1. Rydia - From Final Fantasy 2 (4j)
    2. Chun-Li - From Street Fighter Series
    3. Tommy Vercetti - Main Character in GTA : Vice City
    4. Batman - any Batman game... Batman rules.
  • Id have to say Sypher from Final Fantasy.
  • Mine is Vikki Grim from Portel Runner she got it all man she proves that women can do what men do!Girls Rule!!!!!!!!
  • i like tommy vercetti from vice city he is cool so is the game.
    i also like crash bandicoot
  • well mine would have to be ash from evil dead fist full of boomstick he has the chain saw and talk a lot of :swear: u got to love it :bash: :bash:
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! not someone else with my av. Please hurry about the av awards. :cry: Sorry with that outburst. I have changed my fav game char. Now i like Raiden from MGS2 now. He is great. I like it when you get the sword near the end of the game, i just wish there was a way to start the game with it.
  • well lests see I love Solid Snake and Rikimaru but not even they can match the sweetness of this character.

    He combines attitude with sweet sword play and his two side arms. Have you guessed yet.

    Dante!! :fight:

  • my fav character would have to be Auron from the game FFX. my second would have to be Riku from the game Kingdom Hearts.
  • My no.1 fav. videogame character is James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2, he dosen't have superpowers or anything like that, he is just a regular guy and he fits so well in to Silent Hill 2, and that is why I like him
    My no.2 fav. videogame character is Auron from FFX, he is so misterious, u know that he is hiding some thing until the end of the game, he's cool 'cause he is such a good fighter and he wears the coolest clothes of all the characters and he's just cool ingeneral. at leased thats what I think, heh
  • My favourite character is Kain from Legacy of Kain. It will be great to play LOK Defiance in the Fall of this year.

    Gothik :rebel:
  • I would have to say....my favorite video game character would have to be the one.....the only......( sorry my friends but he is from a computer game) Thrall of Warcraft III. name any other wolf riding hammer weilding big green guy and I'll give you a dollar :rules:
  • My Fav Character is ... SOlid snake ... C'mon i mean the guy has class ... MGS2 was 1 of the main reasons i ever bought a PS-2 For ...

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