Happy Christmas & New Year
  • Hoping you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

    Spent 3 weeks in Calgary, Canada so haven't been on for a month or so.

    Had a great time skiing and drinking!!!!
  • Thank you Don...and yes, the wife and I had a great Christmas & New Years Day. Santa was awfully good to us this year. I must have accidentally been good this year. :eek:
  • My Christmas was mostly good as well. Santa played a little prank on us. Our cat disappeared Christmas eve night and didn't return to us until yesterday. My sister, mom and I were pretty upset that she wasn't around...but we're glad to have her back.

    New Years for me was THE best it's been in a long time. I enjoyed it.:)
  • WADE BEING GOOD?! HOW CAN THIS BE?! so my christmas was great saw the family and the rest of all that stayed up for new years and that is about all no eventfulness... stuff... things... ahhh forget about it...
    still offline:( but mostly my fault kinda dragging my feet in the dirt about this one...
  • well...i don't have xmas actually but i have EID (i'm a muslim after all)

    but happy chrismas guys ^^"